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Pipe Smoking Diary Part 4

February 17, 2009

First time pairing the pipe with a drink and it was quite a success. I actually think it helped me taste the smoke better because sometime I found that the taste would overwhelm the tastebuds and I wouldn’t be able to taste much of anything anymore. I paired the East India Co. with a Sir Perry Pear Cider. This fruity dry cider actually went well with the somewhat sweet and smooth East India Co. And the after effect of two sins in one night: amazing. I couldn’t feel more relaxed right now. This has probably been my first pipe experience that has been truly relaxing. I smoked my new briar pipe this time and it went better, although it doesn’t smoke near as cool as the corncob. The smoke is cool enough most of the time and I swear I am smoking it pretty slow, but I still managed to get a bit of tongue bite with that pipe. I smoked a half bowl and I find it is harder to pack a half bowl so that the tobacco stays lit. Or it could just be that I am still shitty at lighting the pipe. It tasted better than the first time I smoked it. I’m guessing that is because I did something that I probably should have the first time I smoked it. Since the bowl is stained green, apparently what is recommended is that you try and clean as much finish or stain out of the inside of the bowl as possible using a strong liquor of your choice. I picked some Appleton’s Rum. Nothing fancy, just a nice rum that I happen to like the taste of. I swabbed the bowl with a rum soaked Q-tip in the inside of the bowl until I was hardly getting any stain. It gave the bowl a nice smell too. I considered using honey to help form the cake, but more people on the internet said not to do that, so I didn’t. Anyhow, the rum definitely sweetened the smoke. My next smoke will probably be on Friday since we have quite the evening planned. Back in December when some drinks were had I guess we (as in my friends and I) decided it would be fun to go to the strippers. Female strippers that is. Naturally, my boyfriend is super pumped and I’m looking forward to it in my own way too, mostly because I’ve never been before. I also decided, it would be the perfect night to have another pipe. My boyfriend aptly called it “pipe then peelers”. For now… I think I might be in the perfect state of mind to compose my pipe erotica day dream I’ve been fantasizing over the past few days.

February 18, 2010

Today was sort of an odd day. I think it might have something do partially with smoking the pipe and drinking the cider together last night and partially because I ate really shitty food all day long. My body does not deal well with all of this abuse. I will probably have to start tracking what I am eating again, because I felt great while I was doing it. I wasn’t really counting calories, but I found writing down what I was eating helped me see what I was getting and also helped me eat a more balanced diet. At first paranoid, addiction-phobic me thought I was going through withdrawal, but I remembered that I sometimes get migraine and nausea like what I have been having today when I’m not pipe smoking. I’m sure it didn’t help though. I think I am also going to implement mandatory exercise for myself, since I’ve been bad about that lately too. It probably has a lot to do that being unemployed I’ve lost my motivation to do a lot of things. It’s easy to let unemployment get you down. I’m trying to stay positive though. But I’ll do all that tomorrow…

February 19, 2010

Today was my first experience going to the strippers. Lets just say, I probably won’t go again. Not because I didn’t enjoy myself, but more because I’m not sure it was worth the amount of money I paid. One thing is certain, I admire how fit the exotic dancers and found myself wanting to be able to do the tricks that they do with the pole. Seriously, it made me want to go out and buy a home pole and sign up for one of those exotic dancer exercise classes. The core strength on those girls is amazing and wow. Part of me sort of felt bad for the girls, although likely they are all there by their own choice. At the end when the dancer would do a sexy pose with a poster rolled in the shape of a cone and the game of guys throwing loonies and twonies to see if they could get it into the cone and win a poster kind of degrading. I think I prefer watching women belly dance, as it can be almost as seductive, but in a more classy way. Didn’t get around to smoking the pipe as we didn’t have enough time to properly enjoy it but I’d rather a good pipe experience than a rushed one.

February 20, 2010

For those of you who didn’t know, today is International Pipe Smoking Day. It was actually almost looking like we weren’t going to get to celebrate this day properly for a bit as the best friend was running a bit late with his parent’s birthday dinner. Turns out they wanted to try the pipe too so we waited for them. We got three pipes going for them, and I actually sat out for the first little bit of doing it. It was actually really nice just to enjoy the smoke secondhand for a bit since you cannot really smell the nice aroma of it while smoking. That way I gave the parents a chance to properly try it. We decided to go with a half bowl again tonight as they actually had to go off bowling pretty quick. Normally, I would have probably said, lets not bother as I don’t like being rushed with the pipe smoking, but it was actually nice to share the experience with new, interested people. People that were so shocked that it would be my idea. I think some people would shit themselves if they found out I had dabbled in the cigarettes too. Sad to say, tonight’s pipe smoke did end up feeling too rushed, but it was still enjoyable on the whole. I like it when I can take my time and I felt like I had a time limit. No plans for the next smoke, although it is looking more and more like a twice a week thing, which I am fine with.

Another thing that almost ruined my night were comments on my last post. I really shouldn’t take what strangers on the internet say so personally, but the tone of the comments made me both angry and put me into sort of a bad mood. I tried to answer in the most diplomatic way, but it was hard because I had literally just been called stupid. I tried to remind myself, it doesn’t matter what “those people out there think” but I was already mad. I’m caught between a rock and hard place. I want to allow free speech and I like to hear from people that don’t share my views. I guess I want it to be done in a civilized way, but usually what happens is the person commenting usually ends up calling me naive or stupid instead of coming up with a real argument against what I am saying and then stops commenting because I usually end up making some sort of comment that makes them feel unwelcome because I’ve been insulted and lash out. But this is my blog. My soapbox. A place where I can go and say exactly what’s on my mind and I guess I really don’t like being called stupid. I love discussion and interaction. I want people to comment. I like having exchanges with the blogosphere. But I don’t want to be abused.

I guess I used to share the same bias though. I used to think that smokers were stupid. I think it is hard for a lot people to see otherwise because of all the anti-smoking propaganda. I used to think I was stupid for wanting to smoke. I used to beat myself up over it. It was far less psychologically healthy to do what I was doing before. I don’t see myself as a victim of nicotine, although for the longest time I swore that is what drove my desire to smoke. My desire to smoke is all in my head though and I am sure especially now after feeling like I have given smoking a fair chance, I could probably go the rest of my life without smoking. I have already parted ways with cigarettes. But do I want to give up tobacco entirely? No. I like the ritual of smoking a pipe. Sometimes it gives me a nicotine buzz, but other times, like tonight, not so much. I don’t do it for the nicotine. I like the way the smoke tastes and I enjoy blowing out the smoke. I enjoy taking care of my pipes, making sure that they are clean and well taken care of so that they will last a long time. I think of it as one of the pleasures in life, to be enjoyed in moderation. If this makes me flawed, so be it. Time for me to hop off the soapbox and get ready for bed. Until next time, happy smoking.


Things are Looking Up…

My day at my casual job was in a word: busy. My body aches because the work I am doing is quite physical. I’ve gained weight in muscle. So you might be asking: 1) Why are things looking up? or 2) When is she going to get to talking about smoking.

Things are looking up for a few reasons.  Firstly,  I have tomorrow off from the shitty casual job.  Secondly, I got word that my pipes have shipped from Aristocob. This means I might be able to try smoking one in about 6-10 buisness days. Thirdly, I got an interview for the job I desperately want. That is probably the best and most exciting news. Lastly, I’m sitting here sipping a tasty mead not really caring about much of the worries from paragraph one.  Too bad I don’t have the pipe yet, as tonight would be the perfect time for a celebratory pipe smoke. So readers, have a celebratory smoke for me.

I was also pleasantly surprised that my boyfriend has been doing his own research into pipe smoking. He has more interest in trying the English style tobaccos vs. the aromatics.  So contrary to what most people start with, I think that is where we will start. I don’t think it is too bold a move, since I already like the taste of tobacco. We already have plans to visit the tobacco shop together. Which is good, because I am a little chicken-shit when it comes to these sorts of things. I’m glad I’ll have someone holding my hand through this and accompanying me on this journey.

I have to say, I think that the story I will have will be rather entertaining. Two begininer pipe smokers light up. My boyfriend’s never smoked anything so I really hope he likes it. I’m pretty sure I will like it, since I haven’t really found much that I don’t like smoking. So stay tuned, and until then, happy smoking (if you got ’em).

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