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Strange and Beautiful- Chapter Thirteen

I have finally updated this story, although I foresee that future updates might take me awhile as my muse for this story has left. I think it is partially due to my shift away from cigarettes as a focus in my real life. I suspect it might take me a bit to wrap the story up, although I think it could be done within about 7 parts, maybe even less. Mel still needs to confront her family which should happen pretty soon as well as her non-university friends. And I have to wrap Lindsay’s story up too, although I do know how that ends. I was just looking right now as to what classifies as a short story and I have definitely gone past that. This is almost a novella, and I know it will never reach the length of a novel. It is safe to say I have never written a story this long before.

Anyhow, for those of you reading this, enjoy. Here is the link: Strange and Beautiful- Chapter Thirteen


My YouTube Girl Crush and More

I will confess: I watch girls smoke on YouTube. I cannot remember how I discovered searching for smoking videos on YouTube. Probably much the same way I discovered smoking fetish erotica, by stumbling upon in some random search. I tend to be a very picky consumer though. There is tons of crap on YouTube because anyone can put it up and as far as smoking videos go, I really really hate staged, overtly sexual videos. As soon as girls really try to make smoking seem sexy, I think: ewww. I no longer find it sexy. I think this is why I prefer erotica to the videos, because scenes described in stories can play out any way you want them to.

I prefer videos with natural sound and if the girl is interesting and articulate, I like it if they just smoke and talk naturally in the video. I found this girl named Eugenia and developed an instant crush on her. Her YouTube username is fusswhip and I love her because… well the thing is I can’t quite put my finger on it. She’s cute, that is one thing. She reminds me of Ellen Page. I guess there is something I find so sexy about the way she smokes. She occasionally does videos catering to people with the fetish. I’m pretty sure she accidently stumbled upon the community when she posted her first video where she smokes, but I could be wrong. I think part of her appeal is how natural she looks. She rarely is very made-up and even her pure smoking videos are not too staged for me, even though I know she is making a “smoking video”. Lately her post have been more video blog in nature with her smoking and just talking about her life. Her lighting isn’t always that great because she is not set up for it. I would recommend videos, but I think it would be better to just go peruse the collection. Plus, I’m not sure anyone will like her as much as I do. I really, really want her to do a video where she talks about how she started and all those other fun things while smoking. Those for me are the best stories.

Also, if anyone has been reading the one and only story I posted, I posted the third chapter. I’m not sure where to take it from there, but I am slowly but surely working on it. It is pure fluff and the main character has tons of me in it, but I may remind you is completely fictional.

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