While Drew was gone, I toyed with the idea of having a cigarette. Part of me really wanted to, but part of me reasoned that smoking alone was just one step closer to being a smoker. But the part of me that wanted a cigarette though, “What’s so wrong with being a smoker?” Nothing I reasoned and reached for the pack of Drew’s cigarettes that lay by the table. Mine were still in the living room, and I wasn’t quite ready to get up yet. Plus, I wanted to see if I like non-menthol cigarettes better.

I placed the cigarette between my lips, and instantly felt both very naughty and entirely decadent. I mean here I was, waiting for breakfast to be brought to me in bed with a cigarette. I brought Drew’s lighter up to the cigarette and drew on it slightly until it lit. The slightly bitter taste of tobacco smoke filled my mouth. I exhaled the first puff without inhaling and brought the cigarette back up to my lips for my first real drag of the day. I drew a medium sized puff and inhaled. I held this in and as I exhaled a wave of relaxation washed over me. Smoking always made me feel so good and bad at the same time. I immediately took another drag and inhaled deep. I slowly let the smoke drift out of my mouth and felt my brain start buzzing. Surely it must be illegal to feel this good. “If this is one step closer to being a smoker, than I don’t care.” I thought to myself. At this time, I reminded myself that I should take it slow as to not make myself sick.

By the time Drew came back, I was almost done the cigarette. He walked in as I was exhaling my final drag and putting the cigarette out in the ashtray.

I gave him a mischievous look and said, “ I hope you don’t mind, I smoked one of your cigarettes.”

He laughed and said, “Of course, not. Was it good, or do you like the ones you bought better?”

“I was good. I’m not sure what I like better yet. Your cigarettes make me feel like I am really smoking a cigarette. They are a bit harsh on the throat but still make me feel nice.”

“You’ll figure out what you like best in time. Coffee? I got it with two creams and two sugars.” He held out a cup of Tim Horton’s Coffee.

“Mmm… my favourite! I heard that Tim Horton’s puts nicotine in their coffee, but I think it might just an urban legend based on how I reacted to my first cigarette.”
“It is an urban legend, I saw a special report on the news. But there is something about their coffee, I prefer it many other coffee places.”

“What did you bring for breakfast?” I asked excitedly.

“Breakfast sandwiches.” He replied.

“Yum.” He passed me a breakfast sandwich, which I started to scarf down.

“Hungry much?” He laughed.

“I guess so, I usually am in the morning.”

“So what do you want to do today?” He asked me between bites of his own breakfast sandwich.

“Want to do? Or should do?”

“Want to do. I know we probably both have school work we should be doing.”

“You are a bad, bad influence.” I smirked.

“Like you would be able to concentrate on school work today anyways.”

“You are right. Well, as corny as this is going to sound, as long as I am with you, I don’t really care what we do.”

“Well in that case, why don’t we spend all day in bed?”

“All day?”

“I bet you’ve never spent all day in bed with a guy.” He looked at me coyly.

“Aren’t you at least going to try and seduce me?” He was right; my experience with guys was limited. I was still a virgin in fact.

“Isn’t that what I am doing right now?” he retorted playfully

“You’ll have to try a bit harder than that. Simply suggesting we spend the whole day in bed and pointing out my lack of experience in bed does not count as seduction.” I stated with mock seriousness in my voice.

Drew brought himself right up to me on the bed and kissed me softly on the lips. I kissed him back a bit harder, reveling in the fact that despite already feeling so comfortable with Drew we had not kissed. He brought his lips around towards my earlobe, lightly dragging them along my neck and whispered, “Does this count as seduction?” He nibbled lightly on my earlobe sending shivers through my body.
“I think this counts,” I breathed, moving in to kiss him again. This time Drew did not hesitate to add some tongue to the kiss. “I think the day might pass quickly, if you keep this up.”

Drew responded by focusing on my neck a bit more. I was probably going to end up with bruises on my neck like some high school kid, but I didn’t care. It was the first time in my life anyone had turned me on as much as he was in this moment.
I ran my fingers across his chest and brought his shirt with them. I wanted the shirt off. As if taking a cue from me, Drew moved to remove my shirt. Drew started to place kisses on my cleavage, teasing me with his tongue and lips.

“You can..”I gasped interrupted by Drew’s expert moves.

“I can what?” He smiled coyly.

“Take off my bra.” I managed to get out before he did something else that made me speechless.

“As you wish.”

Just when I didn’t think I could be more aroused, Drew would take me to the next level as he moved down my body. I was already very wet and could tell that I would not be able to keep my pants on for much longer. Drew moved to remove my bottoms, with a wordless look up at me to make sure it was okay. I nodded. Never had I gone this far with a guy, but there was no way I was stopping him now.

He expertly peeled off my underwear and proceeded to start going down on me. All I could do is moan in response to the movement of his tongue. I was getting wetter and wetter and Drew just lapped it up. It didn’t take him long to bring me to climax. And climax I did. It was my best orgasm to date. There were better to come, but at the time- I didn’t think it could get any better than this. Up until that point, I had given myself orgasms through solo play, but nothing like what Drew had just done to me.

As I basked in the afterglow, Drew lit up a cigarette. He took a drag and offered it to me. I had heard that a cigarette after sex was divine. I took the cigarette from him, took a huge drag and inhaled it to the bottom of my lungs. After a few second, smoke accentuating my words I spoke the smoke out, “That was amazing.” I passed the cigarette back to him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Drew smiled. He closed his eyes and took an equally deep drag off the cigarette. He held it in for what seemed like forever. The longer he held it in, the more turned on I was getting.

“You know, if you keep smoking that cigarette like that, I’ll be ready to go again before you know it.” I commented mischievously.

“You think I’m sexy when I smoke?”

“I have to say, it is the first thing I noticed when I saw you that first day of English class. Well, maybe the second thing I noticed. You were really cute, and when I saw you smoke it made you that much more interesting. I can’t really explain it.”

“So when I do this,” he said, taking the longest drag yet, cheeks collapsing, “It turns you on?”

I blushed in response.

“Well, we have all day,” he said exhaling what remained in his lungs. Only a small amount of residual smoke came out.

“I guess we figured out what we can do today.”

“Mel, that was just the beginning.”

And so it was.

Chapter 10