House clean? Check. Dinner prepared? Check. Linens washed and bed remade? Check. All that was missing was him. Although he was supposed to be home soon, the anticipation of being able to carry out her leisurely seduction seemed to slow time. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her it was almost suppertime. A twinge of tension in her vagina reminded her of her ultimate plan. She took enough of their favorite pipe tobacco out to air for later. She took a whiff of it and smiled. Unlit tobacco always had a pleasant fruity smell that reminded her of the pleasure to come.

A delicious aroma wafted toward him as he approached their apartment. He smiled hoping that it came from within his own home. It smelled of his favorite stew and his hopes were fulfilled as he entered. She greeted him warmly, wrapping her arms around his neck, planting a slow kiss on his lips. That could only mean one thing. He hoped he was right.  She nuzzled her head against the side of his neck, breathing in his smell. She always loved the way his natural smell mixed with his cologne. As she broke the embrace to return to fixing supper, she looked back at him with a glint in her eye. The kiss and the look confirmed his suspicions. Now knowing her ultimate goal, time seemed to slow for him too, but he welcomed it.

She brought him their supper, a hardy beef stew with fresh baked bread seasoned just the way he liked. As he finished his supper, he noticed his wife had set out some tobacco. A grin came to his face.

“It has been awhile since we have…” his voice trailed.

“I know. You’ve been so stressed lately, I thought we might smoke a pipe to relax and then…” She said unsure not finishing but meeting his gaze instead. He had recently been promoted to a higher profile position at work and the stress and long hours had sapped his appetite for sex.

“That sounds nice.” He smiled. Her eyes lit up and that was enough for him. He was tired, but his wife’s tactic had been perfect. Feed his body with his favorite food first, feed his soul with his favorite tobacco hoping it would take his mind away from his troubles long enough to reawaken his passion.

As he loaded their dishes into the dishwasher, she proceeded to pack their pipes with tobacco. She loved the way it felt between her fingers as she took the pinch and gravity filled the pipe to the top. She lightly pressed this first layer down and repeated, pressing slightly harder each time. She repeated with each pipe, testing the draw one last time before handing her husband his pipe. He handed her a small glass of 15 year old Scotch.He loved watching her light her pipe, the look of intense concentration as she did danced the match around the surface of the tobacco for an even charring light.

He loved the delicate care she took in tamping down the tobacco that had fluffed up during this initial light and the look of satisfaction as smoke billowed from her mouth during her second light. He always waited for her to finish lighting her pipe before proceeding to light his own. He liked to appreciate the aroma of the pipe tobacco before lighting up. Especially if the smoke was from her. He loved the way she took small slow sips on her pipe, holding it in her mouth for a bit to savor the taste, finally letting the smoke lazily waft out of her mouth. She looked both peaceful and innocent but with a wild look in her eye that suggested otherwise. He felt himself grow a little hard at this.

She observed her husband taking it all in and smiled. It had been so long since they enjoyed each other’s company like this. She enjoyed watching him smoke almost as much as he liked watching her.  He took his time lighting up as usual. He always created clouds of smoke so thick they obscured his face. As the smoke cleared and he got into a nice slow rhythm of puffing and met her gaze. She had been staring at him, and the look he gave her made her blush and look away, much like two strangers might have.  It had been awhile.

They seemed to alter space and time as they smoked their pipes, neither one in a hurry although both looking forward to what they knew was to come. As her pipe went out she felt a hand on her shoulder. Instead of checking to see if there was still more tobacco to smoke, she looked into the eyes of her awaiting lover. He took her pipe and set it down to cool and took her hand into his and led her towards the bedroom. He embraced her from behind, feeling her tight ass clench in response to feeling him hard up against her. He kissed her neck, breathing in her beautiful smell. The scent of her combined with the intoxicating aroma of the tobacco they had just smoked together. His favorite smell. She shivered in response, growing wetter with every moment.

It had been awhile, but she had slowly seduced him and would finally feel him once more inside her. He could hardly wait, but knew better than to take her quickly. He knew the wait would be worth it. Like smoking a pipe, smoking slow and steady rewards the smoker. Soon they would both be rewarded by their patience. Soon…