Since it was fictional stories that first made me aware of my fetish, they hold a special place in my heart. I even have early memories (but no copies unfortunately) of writing what could almost be considered fetish stories. I did find the associated drawings that went with the stories, but no copies of the stories. I’m pretty sure I have long since deleted the stories as I typed them up on my mom’s computer back when I was about 13 long before I was aware of anything really. There is probably some lone floppy disk somewhere that I transfered it to at some point as I am pretty sure even at 13 I was smart enough not to save the story to my home computer that my mom had full access to.

I have since written more mature stories. I’m not sure if anyone else will enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them, but I thought I would share them. If you see a lot of “me” in the characters, particularly the female ones it is because I am writing about what I know. Here is my disclaimer: as much as some of the characters could and possibly will sound like me they are not me nor have they ever been me. These stories are fictional, fantasy that probably cater more to a female audience. I sort of see them as smutty romance writing for the female with the smoking fetish. There is quite a bit of build up to the smoking, and probably more focus on male smoking than might be normally be found in the genre.

Stories are under my copyright so I also ask that these stories not be reproduced without contacting me first and also without crediting me for my work.

And with that I say: Enjoy!


Strange and Beautiful

Slow Seduction