For my June 2016, 30 day challenge I have picked the following post topics:

Day 1: Name three places that make you feel whole.
Meditation: Blue Sky-Meditation for Inner Stillness and Silence

Day 2: If I looked deep down to the depths of who I am, I trust that I would find:

Day 3: Name 10 activities that make you feel good and feel like yourself

Day 4: The thing I would most like someone to remember about me is:

Day 5: What did you want to do when you were a kid? What does that say about who you are now? Is there a part of that you still want?

Day 6: Name 10 things that delight you

Day 7: Who in your life makes it most easy to be yourself? What do they do or say that makes you feel like it’s ok to be you?

Day 8: What parts of yourself do you regularly hide from others?

Day 9: When are you choosing to put on a show? When do you feel like you must put on a show? Do you enjoy this part of interacting with people?

Day 10: What would the consequence be if you didn’t put on the show? What do you believe would happen if you showed the world who you truly are?

Day 11: One of the character traits I really value in people I meet is__________. How do you practice this trait in your own life?

Day 12: What do you wish people just accepted about you?

Day 13: One thing nobody knows about me is____________.  One thing I wish people knew about me is_________.

Day 14: When was the first time you were confronted with a part of yourself you didn’t really want to acknowledge?

Day 15: What is a quality you have that you fear?

Day 16: What parts of yourself are you holding onto that no longer are a true part of who you want to be?

Day 17: If confronted with your fears or worries from five years ago, what would you tell yourself?

Day 18: Describe a memory: Think back to childhood to the most clear joyful, playful memory you have – whether it’s with a friend, a toy or playing a game. How did you feel? Can you think of a way of bringing that emotion into your life now?

Day 19: Come up with a playful, even a completely fanciful solution to a problem you’re having in your life right now.

Day 20: 20 random facts about me.

Day 21: What physical activities feel like play to you?

Day 22: What interests or hobbies feel playful?

Day 23:What makes you grin or captures your attention for no reason other than it is fun for you?

Day 24: What is the most common reason for you to be dishonest?  What do you think this means for you?

Day 25: What makes you feel loved?

Day 26: My favourite books

Day 27: Sliding door moments: pick one or two moments from your life that could have drastically changed the course of your life.

Day 28: Favourite quote and movie

Day 29: If I had a million dollars…

Day 30: A day in the life of me

A good number of them came from this website:

The rest I sort of poached from various unsourced challenges or made up myself because I had an interest in writing about it.

As I come to each day, I will pick a meditation to do as well.