I feel like I could have written this article: How to exercise out of self-love, not due to fat shaming

I am kind of a curvy lady. I say kind of because there are many ways in which I can pass as thin.

I can shop wherever I want and no one would charge me extra for an airplane ticket. But my jeans come in double digits, and my doctor recently told me that I am a “good candidate” for a weight loss program

This is me.Minus the doctor part. Despite my BMI falling squarely in the high end of “healthy” to the low end of “overweight” for my entire adult life, my doctors have always taken into account how active I am and other health indicators rather than the deeply flawed BMI. The only time I’ve been ‘skinny’ in my adult life was hitting my goal weight of 150 post Jenny Craig starvation diet. But I wasn’t healthy nor was I happy. 

I’ve been caught in the trap of exercising to get skinny. It didn’t work. 

I’ve also been caught in the trap of eating a certain way to lose weight. It works, but if the way of eating isn’t sustainable, you just gain the weight back. 

I’ll be honest, when I started my healthy eating plan, my goal was to lose weight, at least enough that my clothes would fit again. Now that I have hit that goal, I’ve actually noticed exercise is easier. But more importantly, I’ve noticed that when I’m eating food that fuels my body rather than crap (like what I ate today), I feel better. Today started OK, but I didn’t eat enough for lunch (bad planning) and ended up eating a poutine, plus half a large box of Chicago mix popcorn at the theater. The result: major bloating and gas, which is why I avoid popcorn usually. It is one of my IBS trigger foods along with raspberry and quinoa. 

So this article addresses exercising out of self-love, I think we should add eating out of self-love. My motivation moving forward is to eat foods that fuel my body because I love my body and want it to be able to do all the things that I love doing like walking my dog, running, swimming and hiking. Be more mindful of fueling throughout the day instead of binging at the end of the day. Avoid foods that make me feel shitty (trigger foods above, plus deep fried food, very sugary food). Stay hydrated. Maintain current weight while increasing fitness.

Tomorrow is a new day. A new day in which I will not eat popcorn.