Control has always been an issue for me, but I feel like I’m slowly getting a handle on not being in control all the time and it isn’t as scary or horrible as my anxious mind would believe. I’ve said this over and over: letting go of control was an essential part of me exploring nicotine addiction. And if you think I’ve gone back to ‘tight levels of control’ now that I’m abstaining, it takes surprisingly little ‘control’ to stay away from something I largely don’t want to do. I was watching a BBC documentary called Addicted to Pleasure about tobacco and while parts of me wanted to smoke/vape again, the cons lists totally outweighs my pros list.

My healthy eating quest us going well. So far am holding steady at my new weight 168. Not mentioned before, I’ve actually lost two inches off my chest and waist measurement.

While I was reading blogs, I found an article called: How To Eat Intuitively: A Guide To Mindful Eating – http://wp.me/p5lhm9-2v1

I figure it is a nice reminder.Anyhow, until next time!