Today’s prompt: What would the consequence be if you didn’t put on the show? What do you believe would happen if you showed the world who you truly are?

So I guess this question assumes that you are putting on a big show for people all time, playing the perfect wife, perfect daughter etc.

Like I discussed in my last post, over the past few years I slowly have become more and more comfortable with who I am. To the point that I really don’t care if my class does think that I am a giant geek (because I am one, and that is ok). I don’t care if the world knows that I play not one, but two different Role Playing Games (RPGs) neither of which are Dungeons and Dragons. My idea of a fun night, involves crafting something whether it be sewing, knitting or even cooking, going for a long walk in the forest and then probably going to bed early.

People are pretty self-centered so naturally everyone thinks that everyone else is going to make a bigger deal out of things than they end up making because we are the ones that have made it a big deal in our heads. I only realized this recently when I was obsessing about ‘coming out’ with my vaping. Most people didn’t care. You know who cared the most, who worried the most about what people were going to think? Me. Yep. Me.

So I stopped obsessing. I mean I’m not walking around sharing the deepest, darkest parts of myself or posting links to this blog on my Facebook page. Boundaries are still a good thing to have too, but I can say that almost 99% of the time what you see, is what you get. No show. Just me. It has taken awhile to get here, but it feels good to feel this comfortable with who I am. I think back to almost anything I’ve worried about what other people think. Like when I worried for months about telling my now husband about my kink. He was totally underwhelmed. Even when I started vaping, he didn’t necessarily like it but he accepted it. I think he would have words with my if I told him I was going to start again (I’m not) because he said he never wants to have to go through me quitting ever again.

Bottom line, people are more concerned with themselves than they probably are concerned about some minute detail you are worried about.

Meditation: The Inner Smile