Today’s prompt: Name 10 things that delight you:

1. My dog
2. Eating tasty food
3. Watching stuff grow in my garden.
4. Mastering a difficult skill
5. Solving a difficult problem
6. Reading for pleasure
7. Drinking tea
8. A dram of quality scotch, nice glass of wine or a nice beer
9. The Aha look on somebody’s face when they master a difficult skill or solve a difficult problem.
10. The feeling of fresh sheets
11. The smell after it rains…
12. Watching the Aurora Borealis
13. Taking a nap in a sun ray…

I could go on. I know it said 10 things, but I think I often take time to appreciate these small things. At least I do when I am feeling good like I do now. Something that I could use to remind myself to do more often when I’m not feeling 100%. Tomorrow, it will be 50 days off nicotine. They say it takes about 6-8 weeks for the brain to revert back to ‘non-smoker’ status or at least for one to feel completely normal without using. I feel that is my experience. I’m no longer super moody, weeping at the drop of a hat or volatile. It is a week plus one day until my period and my PMS is actually feeling less severe than usual. It could be that I have made a bunch of lifestyle changes in addition to quitting nicotine as well. I think the increase in exercise has been the best thing for me.

Regardless of the reason, I feel better and that was my whole goal with quitting.

I still get ‘fetish cravings’ but these are still being nicely addressed with vaping. I maybe vape once or twice a week.

All and all, life is good. Until tomorrow…

Meditation for today: The Cocoon