When I read my posts from when I started vaping, the joy I felt finding something that I could almost guilt-free ‘smoke’ really comes through. Today, I felt almost that same joy at being off nicotine.

I maintain it was totally necessary for me yield control to nicotine to get where I am today. Unfortunately, I’m one of those learn by doing people that has to experience things first hand.

In short, I had an amazing weekend. I built a raised bed garden with my husband. We planted a bunch of veggies, walked the dog and visited with my husband’s parents. There was nothing extraordinary about the weekend, but in a way that is was made it so good. I felt happy. Content. At one point hangry… But I got through it without biting off my husband’s head, although I was so hungry the thought crossed my mind. All without chemical aid. I can do this. For how long? Only time will tell.