I’ve decided to post everyday until day 30 and then who knows beyond that. I want to track my moods/cravings for the month to see if they are cyclical corresponding to my menstrual cycle. I had another no craving day. According to a study, women actually have decreased cravings in the period of time before their period.

Today was a quiet day. I was back at work today. I’m wondering if my co-worker have noticed that I don’t leave everyday at lunch anymore. If they do, they say nothing just as they said nothing for a long time about my changed behaviour of going out everyday at lunch. Regardless, today was rather uneventful at work.

The Husband has noticed one big change in me: my skin is clearer and my skin is way softer. Can’t say that I mind as he can’t seem to stop touching me.

That is all I have in me today, folks!!!