Day 4: or as I’d like to call it- Welcome to the Rollercoaster.

Today was a weird day. First half of the day was great. I didn’t even go out for my ‘vape break’ since it is not really necessary anymore. Or is it? After lunch, my energy levels just tanked and I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Instead of getting lots done while my students watched a movie, I watched the movie with them. It was like the withdrawal cravings I’d get when I was up to vaping 9 mg juice a day.

I vaped some nicotine free juice after work and that calmed me for a bit, but then not. It took me a bit to realize but I was actually really hungry. I was completely irrational and all over the place with my husband. He is being really good to me and entertaining my crazy which is good.

When I vaped nicotine, I never knew if I was hungry or needed to vape. I’ve actually gained weight since I started vaping instead of losing it. I think it is because I often would mistake a nicotine craving for hunger.

Made it home, took our dog for a long walk and felt a lot better. I feel like this whole day has been mind vs body.

My body likes not being on nicotine. My mind literally thinks it is bullshit. It is moody and irrational as fuck. It schemes to have me give in. The best part of quitting so far has been the sleep. I might still wake up, but it feels wonderful to be able to just drift right back to sleep without the empty anxiousness of nighttime withdrawal.

Anyhow, here is to another day without.