Today, I purchased a couple of more nicotine free juices. Tomorrow, I start the process of weaning myself off nicotine. What changed since my last post? Not much really, but I feel like I’m ready to give nicotine up. Part of it was realizing that could still vape and that vaping nicotine free might actually be the best of both worlds. I find vaping 0 mg juice actually soothes my psychological cravings. So once I go through the temporary uncomfortableness of getting off nicotine, I should be able to just use vaping to my psychological cravings. In theory at least.

What is different this time from last? Last time, I was unsure about smoking. You might wonder what this has to do with vaping. Last time, I wasn’t sure if I was done with smoking. The cigarette I smoked, plus the few puffs off my friends solidified never wanting to smoke another cigarette again. I know that once I go  nicotine-free any dabbling with smoking will likely lead to a nicotine vaping relapse. Hopefully I can recall the discomfort of quitting and use that to stay quit.

My main motivation for quitting again is sleep quality. It was fine when I first started up again, but has steadily declined. Any benefit of nicotine during the day is not worth sacrificing sleep at night. I’m pretty sure lack of sufficient sleep is probably worse for me that the small amount of nicotine I’m consuming.

Anyhow, I will keep you updated as I progress. Already, I’ve consumed less over the past two days than I was last week.