I could get behind all of these except for one. One of the myths was that “Smoking is pleasurable” and the reasoning that it was a myth is that the pleasure stems from relieving withdrawal. While this is true once you are tolerant to the affect of nicotine, it discounts many other factors that many smokers would tell you they find pleasurable about smoking. Many smokers like the act of smoking itself.

It also seems to ignore the fact that prior to tolerance being developed to nicotine, smoking I would argue is intensely pleasurable. I mean, you’ve just flooded your brain with dopamine, the neurotransmitter of pleasure.

Sure, they’ve backed their mythbusting with research. But I think much of the research cited was very focused on the craving, which is yes, a huge factor but not the only factor that motivates people to smoke.

I don’t smoke anymore and I find cravings from vaping to be much less intense, especially now that I am down to 3 mg juice. If I were just vaping to relieve cravings, I would maybe vape 3 or 4 times a day. There are times when I vape, where I’m not relieving anything and I still find it pleasurable. It is the action that I find pleasant.

Just my anecdotal two cents.