So I went 5 days without nicotine. I had cravings but they were totally manageable. Towards day 5 it was about one longish craving a day. Longish as in it would take 30 to 45 minutes to pass which feels like forever when you are craving.

If I had wanted to stay clean, I would have. But I made a conscious, somewhat impulsive decision to use. We were visiting my cousin. He smokes when he is stressed and had a pack of Captain Black’s. He offered me one and I smoked it. I noticed a few things during this experience that make this relapse totally worth it. First, I don’t like cigars. Or at least not those ones. I enjoyed the affect mostly, although I became relaxed almost to the point of sleepiness. Second, smoking shitty tobacco for the sake of smoking is NOT worth it. Third, I think this experience might make it easier to say no to these sort of temptations in the future.

I didn’t vape much all weekend, maybe once or twice a day to deal with the odd craving. I was doing fine and decided to leave my vaporizer at home. Bad idea. We were meeting up with our colleagues from another location and my friend that smokes was there. Since I typically vape at lunch, I started to crave around lunch hour. If I had been alone, everything would have been OK, but after we were done eating she offered me a cigarette and I said yes almost instantly. I enjoyed it mainly because it eliminated my craving, but again I didn’t love it.

The next day, I brought my vaporizer and didn’t smoke. We then travelled to a conference together and I vaped and she smoked. I took a couple of drags the first day but decided I really didn’t like it. Weird but true. Over the next few days, I pretty much stuck to vaping.

What I’ve noticed is, I’m vaping way less. At one point, I was going through a full tank (5 ml) of 6 mg juice a day. I’m probably averaging about 2 ml a day of 3 mg juice now. My cravings are very mild at this level, even when I need to go long periods without.

Vaping is now going to be my go to when I want nicotine. I want to go down to 0 mg eventually but for now I’m OK with my level of use and proud of myself for reducing. I’ve learned that until I’ve been off nicotine for awhile, I need to have my vaporizer with me or I will smoke. And not enjoy it. And kick myself for not having it. Anyhow, that is all for now.