As of 8 pm tonight, I’ll have gone my first 48 hours nicotine free since I started vaping. Not planned, nor am I sure if I will go back to vaping nicotine but it is what it is.

Truth is, if I wasn’t sick, I probably would still be vaping. In fact, that didn’t stop me yesterday or the day before. The first 24 hours, wasn’t bad, I started feeling better and ended up vaping but it made my cold feel worse. Now it has been 48 hours, I’m starting to feel better and therefore have started craving.

I haven’t decided if I want to keep using nicotine. Right now, I just don’t want nicotine to choose. My stubbornness is coming out. I figure if I can get through this craving, I can get through the next and the next.

I don’t regret starting to vape. In fact, I’m grateful. Somehow vaping has allowed me to break my fetish for smoking. I shared a cigarette with my sister at our older sister’s wedding and smoking was finally just smoking. I’m more addicted to vaping in a lot of  ways, but it never had the same attractiveness as smoking did. Some of you might think it is horrible that I’ve somehow uncoupled smoking from sex but I’m glad.

Truth is, I’ll probably vape again. I happen to love blowing clouds of vapor. I have a stash of nicotine-free juice. And if I choose to relapse into my nicotine addiction so be it. But this time if I start again, I’ll use a lower amount of nicotine. I had already, on my own about a month ago, reduced my level to 3 mg. Once I did that, my cravings happened less often.

Anyhow, over the course of writing this post, my craving is starting to subside. If you are reading this and in the process of quitting smoking or nicotine, you can do this. Cravings pass. If you are thinking of using vaping to quit smoking, I say go for it. Especially if you aren’t ready to give up nicotine. At least you will be using a less harmful source of nicotine.

If you are currently trying to reduce your nicotine consumption vaping, my suggestion is to buy a bottle of your favourite juice in 0 mg, use this to adjust the nicotine level of your current juice. Slowly add more and more of the 0 mg juice.  I was vaping 6 mg and used this method to get to 3 mg. I was planning on doing this to get down to zero when I felt ready and then I got sick and didn’t feel like vaping much anyhow.

That is all for now… I’ll update again in a few days.