E-cigarettes bylaw changes now in effect – http://wp.me/p3PQ08-1f6

Most people followed these anyways. Some of these are unenforceable unless someone complained or they caught you on camera. Stealth vaping literally leaves no trace so unless cameras are installed in every bathroom stall people will probably still vape indoors, they will just be sneaky about it.

While vapor is annoying to some people, most people once they connect that the vapor isn’t smoke and usually smells delicious, they don’t actually mind. I think as long as people are respectful of others, and aren’t blowing giant clouds of vapor into people’s faces most people don’t care that people vape.

I met a family yesterday in the dog park, where all the adult men were vaping. As a fellow vaper, I found it cool to see so many people vaping in one place. It was also neat to smell because when I’m vaping, I can’t always tell what the vapor smells like to others. I can tell you it was more subtle than most people’s perfume or cologne.

I guess this means my car will continue to be my primary vape refuge.