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October 2015

Scientists Accused Of Cooking The Books To Produce ‘Toxic’ E-Cigarette Study

As someone who trained in science, I hate reading stuff like this. Sometimes I read the studies behind the headlines in the news that state “Vaping causes lung damage” and I see flaws in their methods or omissions that lead me to believe that the study is flawed or that perhaps the scientists are only writing up the data that supports the conclusion they want to see. It happens outside the field of vaping/ tobacco research too and it really does a disservice to the scientific community in general. It bugs me though.

By Guy Bentley

A group of researchers may have cooked the books to show that vapor exhaled from e-cigarettes is more dangerous than it actually is.

A paper published in the Current Environmental Health Reports found that “secondhand” exposure to exhaled e-cigarette vapor is toxic because it contains particulate matter, which can pose a risk to the respiratory system.

Anti-smoking advocates, doctors and the American Vaping Association claim the report is totally bogus. According to the critics, the study found essentially no difference between the amount of particulate matter in a house with active vaping and homes that were both totally vape and smoke-free.

The observational study found that the home containing tobacco smoke had levels of PM2.5 60 times greater than the homes with and without vaping. The results showed that the home with vaping measured 9.88 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

The two homes with no vaping or smoking at all…

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Aspire Atlantis 2: I’m converted

So I just purchased the Aspire Atlantis 2 and I have to say, I’m super impressed. Blown away impressed actually. I’ve only used it maybe a total of four times since I got it yesterday and WOW! It is seriously the best tank I’ve ever used.

I started with my normal “tester juice” Muffin Man, because I’ve liked what in tasted like in my other tanks (Kanger sub tank mini and Ego one mags) but neither tank handled the thick 80VG/20PG juice very well. With the kanger, I just ended up with a clogged and burnt coil after a short time and the Ego one, very little flavour. The Aspire Atlantis handled it like a boss. At 6 mg, the nicotine level was actually too high for me, so I switched the remaining juice out for my 3 mg Jazzy Boba and was again wowed by the flavour of the juice.

Honestly, it was like tasting the juices for the first time. I’ll write more about this later, but the only con I see with the tank right now is that it has ruined me for my other tanks. Just when I thought vaping couldn’t get better…this tank happened to me. I think I get why people start building and dripping now since if this tank is anything close to what doing so can do for flavour, I get it.

Until next time…

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