So I just recently got over a cold and all I could vape during this time was the Ice Berry flavour that I reviewed in my last post. I feel better today but still love that menthol sensation. I guess it makes sense since despite my low level cigarette consumption, I without fail bought menthols every time I bought a pack. I guess you could say I was a dedicated menthol smoker.

When I was reading reviews of juices last night, I noticed a few people saying that one of the juices I recently acquired tasted good with menthol. The flavour in question was Monkey Paw, by Vapor North. It is a Banana cream dessert vape. At first I thought, weird menthol and banana. Then I was reading more reviews at a different site and apparently some people add menthol to all their juices. I guess it makes sense when you love menthol.

So I decided to give it a go. I had half a tank of my ice berry left and I topped it up with Monkey Paw. Results: yum. I mean, I’m not really surprised I loved it because, like I said before, I love menthol. I don’t think it is for everyone, but I think if you were a menthol lover pre-vaping and you are feeling like there are a lack of good menthol flavours on the market, it can’t hurt to experiment a bit and add a bit of menthol to a juice you already like. I know this was my first experiment, but it probably won’t be my last. I’m currently looking for a good menthol only juice that I can continue these experiments with.

I do want to try Monkey Paw by itself, but for now I’m happy vaping my Frankenjuice.

Until next time…