I am now two and a half months into vaping and it feels very natural and normal to me now. I have to say, I’m much happier now because I feel like it has given me a way to use nicotine in a way I can get behind 100%. I’m also, not surprisingly, quite addicted to vaping. I expected this and it occurred pretty quickly as I was really, despite my low levels of consumption, already dependant on nicotine.

When I hear that vaping hasn’t worked for someone, I’m honestly a little surprised. It got me thinking about why vaping works so well for me and what might be missing that smokers who say they want to switch but ultimately go back to smoking cigarettes because they say vaping just isn’t as good. I happen to think that most of why a smoker ends up going back is psychological. I say most, because I do think some smokers go back because they honestly miss the other pleasurable chemicals that cigarettes deliver.

I think in order for vaping to work for someone as a complete replacement for cigarettes, they have to want to quit smoking. This seems like maybe an obvious thing but a lot of smokers don’t want to quit. I really didn’t want to smoke anymore. I’m still glad I never really smoked cigarettes regularly, as much as I like them.

But the fact is my attraction to smoking was on more than just a physical, “I want nicotine.” If it was, I could probably have quit. I mean as much as I enjoy nicotine, being without it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the psychological side. My psychological attraction to smoking, what drove me to smoke in the first place, had become intertwined with my sexuality. My own smoking was a major turn-on, which I won’t deny, absolutely made smoking something irresistible to me.

Vaping allows me to entertain the part of me that, psychologically, really wants to smoke. For me, the physical addiction to nicotine is simply a side effect of my psychological drive to smoke. You might ask, why not eliminate the nicotine, if it is just the action you crave. I thought about this, but it seems my attraction to smoking was tied to the physiological feeling given to me by nicotine. Vaping mimics that only when it contains nicotine. I was surprised at how well vaping replaced smoking for me. I was skeptical, but I really wanted it to work for me so I think that is why it did.

I’ve been playing around with levels and I think I probably should have started on 3 mg. I currently vape mostly 6 mg, using 0.5 ohm coil in a Kanger Subtank mini. I also have a 12 mg ice berry that imitates for me the throat hit and nicotine hit of a menthol cigarette, since I had been craving those recently. I vape this on a 1.2 ohm coil in again a Kanger subtank mini. The difference in resistance seems to reduce the impact of the 12 mg juice, I think it might be too strong for me on a 0.5 ohm coil. My consumption has leveled off and  remained about the same over the past month. I recently ordered a 3 mg juice for times I want the action of vaping, but less nicotine.

Anyhow, that is all I have for now. Perhaps I will write more on what I like to vape later.