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September 2015

ASMR: Is it real?

So one of the pipe and cigar blogs I follow posted the following ASMR pipe cleaning/smoking video. I clicked on it and watched a women speak in hushed tones cleaning her pipe and then smoking another for 25 minutes. As mentioned before in this blog, I have the attention span of a gnat so to watch something like this for 25 minutes straight is impressive. I can’t explain why I was so captivated. Was it ASMR? What is ASMR? I’m so confused. Okay, I’m not really confused, but you might be right now.

Here is the video in question:

Now before you start thinking this is some fetish thing, I had no sexual response to watching the video whatsoever. But I did feel really relaxed after, almost as if I had completed some sort of meditation. Which isn’t that surprising I guess, since I find the act of pipe smoking/cleaning very relaxing and somewhat meditative.

You might be wondering what ASMR is. I know I was. I had heard about it awhile back but I’m always the skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. Wikipedia describes it as: “a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial, with much anecdotal evidence of the phenomenon but little or no scientific explanation or verified data.”

When I first heard about this, I watched a trigger video (this is what people in the ASMR community call their videos) and nothing. Actually I don’t even think I made it through 30 seconds of one. But this was different. Maybe it is because I have such a psychological connection to smoking in the first place. Who knows? Was it ASMR? No idea, but I swear I felt a few tingles watching this. The sound quality is impeccable, because that is what they are trying to capture. You can hear everything perfectly and I think that is what makes it so pleasurable for me to watch.

You probably won’t be surprised that I watched her video on cigar smoking:

This one was more seductive and I found it doubly enjoyable to watch. And since I was on a roll, I watched this final one for the night. The last one was my favorite because I felt like she was letting me in on her own secret world.

Anyhow, I don’t know if I have experienced ASMR, but what I do know is I found these videos immensely pleasurable and relaxing to watch. I get why smoking would be a trigger for me so I’m not really surprised.

I guess I should warn people, watching these videos may trigger a desire to smoke a pipe or cigar. She does a good job of making these activities look immensely pleasurable.

Anyhow… until next time.


Menthol Obsession

So I just recently got over a cold and all I could vape during this time was the Ice Berry flavour that I reviewed in my last post. I feel better today but still love that menthol sensation. I guess it makes sense since despite my low level cigarette consumption, I without fail bought menthols every time I bought a pack. I guess you could say I was a dedicated menthol smoker.

When I was reading reviews of juices last night, I noticed a few people saying that one of the juices I recently acquired tasted good with menthol. The flavour in question was Monkey Paw, by Vapor North. It is a Banana cream dessert vape. At first I thought, weird menthol and banana. Then I was reading more reviews at a different site and apparently some people add menthol to all their juices. I guess it makes sense when you love menthol.

So I decided to give it a go. I had half a tank of my ice berry left and I topped it up with Monkey Paw. Results: yum. I mean, I’m not really surprised I loved it because, like I said before, I love menthol. I don’t think it is for everyone, but I think if you were a menthol lover pre-vaping and you are feeling like there are a lack of good menthol flavours on the market, it can’t hurt to experiment a bit and add a bit of menthol to a juice you already like. I know this was my first experiment, but it probably won’t be my last. I’m currently looking for a good menthol only juice that I can continue these experiments with.

I do want to try Monkey Paw by itself, but for now I’m happy vaping my Frankenjuice.

Until next time…

E-juice Review: Vapor North Ice Berry

Over the next little bit, I’m going to be posting reviews of e-juices that I liked and perhaps some that I didn’t.

This first one, I’m almost out of. I bought it when I was craving menthol cigarettes big time. While craving, I decided to go with a higher nicotine level than I usually vape, 12 mg. I only vape this on my 1.2 ohm coil as I’m pretty sure it would be too much for me at 0.5 ohms.

The e-juice is by a Canadian company called Vapor North. I didn’t order it directly from them.  When I visited their website, I was impressed that the company offers numerous levels of PG/VG. The ice berry I have is 50%PG/50%VG, but I’d be interested in trying it in a higher VG blend. That said, I think this level of PG/VG probably was partially responsible for the intense cigarette-like throat hit that I actually liked. I normally don’t care too much about throat hit and tend to be satisfied with juices even when they lack one. But I was craving a cigarette.

Throat hit: intense, but not harsh probably due to the higher nicotine, the menthol and the PG/VG ratio. Exactly what I was looking for from this juice.

Flavour: Berry Inhale. A bit fake tasting, like a fake blueberry or blue raspberry. If I could change one thing about this juice, it would be the berry flavour. That said, I like the taste enough that I can vape this all day if needed. Exhale, the coolest, intensest menthol I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience. It reminded me of the intensity of menthol when you crush the little ball in one of those brands that has the crush ball.

Vapour production: To be honest, I really didn’t care about clouds with this juice, but it produces the expected vapour level for a juice with this PG/VG ratio.

Overall, a solid menthol vape that kept me from picking up a pack of menthol cigarettes. I’d buy this again, although I think I’ll pick up the 6 mg so I can vape on my 0.5 ohm coils.

Until next time…

Vaping Update

I am now two and a half months into vaping and it feels very natural and normal to me now. I have to say, I’m much happier now because I feel like it has given me a way to use nicotine in a way I can get behind 100%. I’m also, not surprisingly, quite addicted to vaping. I expected this and it occurred pretty quickly as I was really, despite my low levels of consumption, already dependant on nicotine.

When I hear that vaping hasn’t worked for someone, I’m honestly a little surprised. It got me thinking about why vaping works so well for me and what might be missing that smokers who say they want to switch but ultimately go back to smoking cigarettes because they say vaping just isn’t as good. I happen to think that most of why a smoker ends up going back is psychological. I say most, because I do think some smokers go back because they honestly miss the other pleasurable chemicals that cigarettes deliver.

I think in order for vaping to work for someone as a complete replacement for cigarettes, they have to want to quit smoking. This seems like maybe an obvious thing but a lot of smokers don’t want to quit. I really didn’t want to smoke anymore. I’m still glad I never really smoked cigarettes regularly, as much as I like them.

But the fact is my attraction to smoking was on more than just a physical, “I want nicotine.” If it was, I could probably have quit. I mean as much as I enjoy nicotine, being without it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the psychological side. My psychological attraction to smoking, what drove me to smoke in the first place, had become intertwined with my sexuality. My own smoking was a major turn-on, which I won’t deny, absolutely made smoking something irresistible to me.

Vaping allows me to entertain the part of me that, psychologically, really wants to smoke. For me, the physical addiction to nicotine is simply a side effect of my psychological drive to smoke. You might ask, why not eliminate the nicotine, if it is just the action you crave. I thought about this, but it seems my attraction to smoking was tied to the physiological feeling given to me by nicotine. Vaping mimics that only when it contains nicotine. I was surprised at how well vaping replaced smoking for me. I was skeptical, but I really wanted it to work for me so I think that is why it did.

I’ve been playing around with levels and I think I probably should have started on 3 mg. I currently vape mostly 6 mg, using 0.5 ohm coil in a Kanger Subtank mini. I also have a 12 mg ice berry that imitates for me the throat hit and nicotine hit of a menthol cigarette, since I had been craving those recently. I vape this on a 1.2 ohm coil in again a Kanger subtank mini. The difference in resistance seems to reduce the impact of the 12 mg juice, I think it might be too strong for me on a 0.5 ohm coil. My consumption has leveled off and  remained about the same over the past month. I recently ordered a 3 mg juice for times I want the action of vaping, but less nicotine.

Anyhow, that is all I have for now. Perhaps I will write more on what I like to vape later.

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