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E-cigs Under Fire, Despite Likely Benefits

This has been my finding too. Especially the sentiment of, “Why don’t you just quit (entirely)?” I find this is a very shortsighted view. This implies there are no benefits to continuing the behaviour or that from that person’s point of view (often someone who has never smoked or vaped) that the perceived benefits like being free from the control of an addictive substance (for nicotine users of any kind) and better general health (for smokers) outweigh the benefits of continuing to use. They discount the benefits as if there are none. Newsflash- if there were no benefits to use, nobody would smoke.

I’m all for harm reduction. I hate that there is a public health agenda that stifles research on vaping and skews research on regular smoking. Actually, that is something annoying and fascinating about science in general. It is so affected by the views of the people carrying out the science and it is hard for people to be impartial.

Anti-vaping campaign is more about ideology than public health.

By Steven Greenhut


After I began to occasionally puff on cigars while arguing politics and sipping bourbon with friends, I researched the potential health effects of this habit (the cigars, not the political arguments or booze). Much information seemed designed to scare aficionados, rather than to provide a dispassionate review of the facts.

Some studies assumed smokers inhaled the stogies and lit up several a day — rather than one every couple weeks. Activists seemed more interested in changing behavior than helping us make informed decisions. I’ve seen the same dynamic with marijuana and weight issues. Now we’re seeing it with e-cigarettes — electronic devices that heat up nicotine-infused liquid to create an inhalable vapor.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently touted a study showing that although e-cigs don’t burn tobacco, the vapor has “high levels of formaldehyde,”…

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  1. The phrase “re-normalizing smoking behavior” occurs so frequently in these discussions and communicates (to me, anyway) that the speaker is fundamentally more concerned with behavior modification than with dispassionate science.

    • Fair enough, I think I agree with you on that. My take, inspired by the article, is that bad science is often used to support or deter people from certain behaviours. I’m not sure how I feel about ‘re-normalizing smoking behavior.’ I mean in some ways not being able to smoke all day has probably led to more mindful smoking. People have to plan when and where they are going to smoke. Now if we were to have some sort of vaping revolution, should you be allowed to vape through your work day, inside? I’m not sure.

      • I do that anyway – stealth vaping when necessary/convenient. The main reason I switched from smoking to vaping was that I was so thoroughly sick of being treated like a second (or third, or fourth) class citizen as a smoker. I resented being “socially engineered” into giving up something that I enjoyed. That was complicated by the fact that I was a largely closeted smoker anyway, so was almost always mindful by default.

        • I feel that resentment too…I feel like I have to hide a perfectly legal thing I do because it isn’t socially acceptable and anti-smoking campaigns have made it socially acceptable to bully/ discriminate against a segment of the population. In that respect, I don’t think it would be a bad thing to re-normalize smoking or at least stop treating smokers like criminals.

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