Super interesting, I always thought my cravings varied with my cycle. However, their findings do not match up with my anecdotal ones. My craving are strongest during ovulation and just before my period. They are probably strongest during ovulation because smoking and sexual arousal are very linked for me. Just before my period, I crave smoking to deal with PMS symptoms. While I crave smoking more at these times, the majority of the time I don’t act on it.

Interesting information nonetheless.

The Antidote Clinic

Women More Successful at Quitting Smoking when Timed with CycleResearchers at the Université de Montréal found that certain times in a woman’s cycle make her cravings more pronounced, while others are more conducive to quitting.

The beginning of menstruation, what is called the follicular phase, is the hardest time to quit. This is when nicotine cravings are strongest. A drop in hormone levels, particularly estrogen and progesterone, make withdrawal more pronounced. Neural circuits that are connected with cravings are also more active at this time. This research suggests that just after ovulation, during the mid-luteal phrase, is the best time to quit. That is when the levels of these hormones are the most elevated and when an abstinence-based approach may be most successful.

Researchers do admit that psycho-social factors are also significant when a woman is trying to quit. Still, the study’s author Adrianna Mendrek told Science Daily, “Taking the menstrual cycle into consideration could help women…

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