I smoked for the first time today since July. I had a pipe and it was every bit as amazing as thought it would be.We have been having amazing fall weather and it simply demanded a pipe. I am super glad I never went too far down the road of smoking habitually as I think it is the fact that I haven’t that allows me to dabble without struggle.

I found this articles on quitting and I related to it completely. In fact, I think it is the best advice I have ever read on how to quit smoking.


I think this is precisely what I had to do when coming to terms with my fetish and my desire to smoke. Once I stopped telling myself I couldn’t smoke, experimented with exercising my right to smoke and choice to smoke, I realized I didn’t want to smoke all the time. I realized I would always want to smoke because deep down I love smoking and that is what makes me a smoker. Sometimes people try to tell me I’m not a smoker, because I don’t smoke often enough or have never smoked habitually. I disagree. I feel like I could have easily become a regular smoker with a few different choices. I chose not to.

I know it is a choice because I have jars full of tobacco (properly sealed for freshness of course) that go unsmoked the majority of the time. I also don’t always smoke when I want to but this isn’t some painful “youcan’tsmokerightnowbecauseyouaretryingnottosotheonlythingyouwanttodoissmoke” kind of desire or craving. It is more of a hmmm I want a cigarette (or pipe) right now, being one with this desire and then choosing not to have anything.

This is the first sober smoke I’ve had in quite some time and I forgot how different and pleasant it feels. I do tend to choose to smoke more often when I have been drinking.

So if you are trying to quit, become one with your desire. Own it. Because your cravings will come and I can tell you first hand that telling yourself that you can’t have a cigarette is a trip to the most intense of psychological cravings you will ever experience. And after the physical withdrawal is over (about 48 hours) it is all psychological craving. I would know. They are pretty much the only type I experience. My cravings are far less intense now that I have embraced choice.

You have a choice. That makes all the difference.