Puff of Heaven and update

Found this new blog called puff of heaven and so far I’m finding it to be an interesting read. If you like my blog, you’ll probably like it. As for me, I figured I should post an update. I rely pretty heavily on the emails from WordPress to let me know if people have commented and for some reason all of the email from WordPress was going into my Spam folder. So I apologize to those of you posting legit comments in the past few months that your comments have only been approved now. To those of you posting ads disguised as comments, I have politely declined. That said, despite my complete absence of posting, lots of people are still reading. In fact, in November, I had the biggest number of hits ever. The only other day that compared was when I was actively posting and I posted:¬†https://closetfascination.wordpress.com/2009/01/11/completely-normal-and-yet-not/¬†. Weird how internet traffic works sometimes.

As for me smoking, I’ve gotten back into smoking pipes. I’ve smoked twice in the month of November. My boyfriend has been collecting has picked up my new favourite pipe. The Peterson Churchwarden. It gives such a consistently awesome smoke that after two smokes, I fell back in love with pipe smoking. It could also have to do with the fact that my boyfriend bought my favourite kind of tobacco and I’m getting so much better at packing it and puffing it in such a way that it doesn’t go out or smoke really hot. We also introduced a couple of friends to the joys of pipe smoking. Both were already cigar or cigarette dabblers so I didn’t feel like I was introducing a total tobacco virgin to the art of pipe smoking. My one friend loved it. Her feelings post pipe smoking were those of happiness, joy and loving the world. Based on this report, it is not surprising that Aboriginal smoke tobacco as part of their spiritual ceremonies. She confessed to me, naughty glint in her eye, that she liked it more than she should.But I would argue that most of us who have grown up in this anti-tobacco society who try tobacco and like it feel like this at some point. I know that is one of the first things I thought when I was experimenting as a teen. I like this more than I should. Smoking is bad. I like this more than I should. Those thoughts are also what started my paranoia about getting addicted. Since ridding myself of those irrational thoughts I have been able to enjoy my smoking when I do it much more.

Those of you aching for more posts, I’m not sure how much more I will post. I really should finish the fiction story, but as far as my own life and smoking it is kind of boring. I don’t mean that I am bored with it. Every time I smoke I get just as much pleasure and enjoyment as before. I truly appreciate tobacco. What I mean is that I started this blog to deal with the cognitive dissonance I was having about my reoccurring obsessive thoughts about smoking. Fast forward five years- I no longer have cognitive dissonance surrounding smoking. I’m mostly out of the proverbial “closet” as most of my friends know that I smoke occasionally. Unfortunately, my current at peaceness really stifles most of my inspiration to write. So the best you can hope for is an occasional update such as this one.

I do enjoy that I have a few friends that I can smoke with. My friend joked that there might be gifts of tobacco soon, which I would welcome. The social part of smoking is the best part. I’ve reached a lovely equilibrium with smoking where I neither obsess nor deny myself the pleasures of tobacco. And that my friends is awesome.