Or should I say deliciously evil… I write this after having numerous smoking dreams last night. It must have been an alternate universe but in the dream I was outside smoking with my co-workers before school started. This would never happen. Ever. Many of my co-workers are, however, closet smokers or former smokers that occasionally indulge.

Today, in between tackling my massive to-do list I contemplated buying some cigarettes. I haven’t bought cigarettes for myself in a very long time. There something about cigarette smoking that is so much more alluring than the other types of tobacco smoking I also enjoy. Both pipe and cigar smoke is more flavorful and pleasant tasting. I get a pleasant buzz from doing all three but I think what it comes down to is inhaling. I know some people can inhale pipe or cigar smoke… but I am not one of those people. Cigarettes are designed to make it easy for you to inhale thus making them far more efficient at delivering the drug.

I think my boyfriend gets my attraction to smoking. He offered me cigars last night and I turned them down. He turned to me and said, “You just want a cigarette, don’t you?” I’m not sure how he knew, but he knows that cigarettes were my first love and will always be. This makes them delicious but oh so evil.

I found this video today and if I had had a different group of friends in university, this could have been me. To me, smoking is 100% a social activity. I’m not sure why, but I get far more pleasure from any type of smoking when I am doing it with friends. I rarely will say no to smoking when I am in a social situation where it is acceptable. Especially since I have become more at ease with being “out” as a social smoker. That is why it is easy to pass up the opportunity to go buy my own as I sit here procrastinating from my to-do list. It would just be too lonely.