I’m about half-way through my summer holidays at this point and I’ve been reflecting a lot about life in general and my past year at my new job. In an attempt to regain some balance between work and play and to lose the 10 or so pounds I put on during the first year of my job, I started running again about three months ago. Yesterday was the first day I felt like a runner again. You might ask yourself, what does this have to do with the subject of this blog? Well, if you remember awhile back- there were some commenters that warned that I would be lured to the dark side and become unfit and so on should I explore my darker urges and smoke. Well truth be told, I did become unfit, but it had nothing to do with smoking as for the past few months/ year I have rarely indulged in any tobacco smoking. At first it was because my job was very physical and I simply had no desire to work out after doing physical work all day. At that point, I was still rather fit. Then I transitioned to a less active job, but did not start doing physical activity outside of work and that is when my fitness suffered.

Nothing is good in the extremes. I also became somewhat of a workaholic, putting in 12 hour days, 5 days a week, not including about 3 hours each weekend day. I don’t think I want to repeat this next year. In my spare time this summer, I’ve been working at ways to keep my life balanced.

My boyfriend loves pipe smoking. It is now more his thing than my thing as he loves collecting pipes. He doesn’t smoke everyday nor even every week and even less during the winter when it is too cold outside to make for an enjoyable smoke. I’ve actually started getting into cigars a bit more after my boyfriend bought some for me. This, in some ways, is a milestone that I never thought I would reach. He said that he noticed that I seemed to like them more the few times we have had them together. Again, I probably smoke as often as my boyfriend smokes his pipe. Which really isn’t very often. I don’t crave smoking anymore probably because I am no longer actively denying myself the pleasure of doing so. I simply smoke when I want to smoke.

Some people might ask, why go to the trouble at all? I think that is a hard question for me to answer when you haven’t experienced smoking the way I ¬†and other people that get turned on by their own smoking do. It is instant pleasure from the moment I light up that I actually think has more to do with the act than anything chemical, although even smoking cigars without inhaling will give me a light nicotine buzz when I am through simply because of the length of time required to smoke it.

I like that smoking is part of my life now, but hasn’t taken over my life like I was always terrified would happen. It seems I have struck a balance, at least in this area of my life. Now to work on all the other areas of life. Until next time- happy smoking!