It’s been awhile and my career is to blame. I still visit Smokedawg’s website and occasionally SFK to get my fix when I need it. I almost feel as though this blog has served it’s purpose. It was a form of catharsis and a place where I could share, without holding back, all the conflict and anguish I’d kept pent up inside for far too many years. Through the process of writing and interacting with the community here, I was able to come clean to my boyfriend which only brought us closer as well as find a way in which I could occasionally enjoy tobacco, relatively openly.

I just wanted to let those of you who still check here know that I probably won’t be updating much anymore. If you are still reading, thanks for your ongoing support. The only loose end I feel like I might want to tie up is finishing the fictional story I started on here. Perhaps this summer I will jot the ending which is already in my brain down. Just know that my reason for disappearing is not because I’ve gone back to repressing my fetish, but more because I no longer feel as conflicted about it and my mind is at peace.

Thanks for reading and commenting!