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July 2010

Cigarette Girls

Its been a long time, but that is because I really have had little to write about. Until tonight… I saw the coolest thing tonight. We were at ourpub that we frequent on a fairly regular basis. A girl wearing short black shorts, a white tank top carrying a black box strung around her neck. Much like cigarette girls of days of old. Only because of tobacco display law she couldn’t display what she was selling. My boyfriend asked what are you selling. I say- read the label displayed on her box. It was a tobacco warning label. The only clue that she is selling delicious cigarettes.

The bar was pretty dead for a Friday night so she chatted with us for awhile. We told her that we though it was awesome that she was selling cigarettes, although none of us bought any. We figured that they would be like $15 a pack. But on principle we wanted to buy a pack from her. I mean when is the next time we would see a cigarette girl selling cigarettes in the bar? The three of us that turned 18 before the time of cigarette prohibition in bars remarked that we had never even seen a cigarette girl back when you could smoke in bars. But then my boyfriend remarked- maybe we are bringing smoking back. And we launched into fantasies about opening a private smoking club…


Bringing Smoking Back?

Somedays, I almost cannot believe how far I have come since I started this blog. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that these changes in how I view my fetish and interact with it in real life didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of deprogramming to be able to get to a place where I could enjoy smoking and my fetish without feeling anxious about it. I’m not saying I’ve forgotten all the propaganda regarding the evils of smoking that I have been fed over the years. I do feel like I have been freed from its shackles though.

Because of my elbow issue, I don’t smoke very often. In some ways, I ‘m almost happy for that, because it makes the smoking that much more special when I do. My boyfriend, on the hand, is quite taken with pipe smoking. He loves everything about it, from the actual smoking to the collecting of pipe paraphernalia. I love sitting with him and enjoying the aroma of his smoke. I love the way he smells after he has had a bowl. I love that he loves to smoke. That, in itself, is very attractive to me.

I went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend. He is my closest cousin. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to bring his pipe. He declined, thinking he wouldn’t have an opportunity to smoke. After all, who smokes in this day and age? More people that you would expect. Most people were smoking a variety of tipped cigars with a few larger Swisher Sweet types. My boyfriend immediately regretted not bringing his pipe. He would have fit right in. I wasn’t planning on smoking. After all, my mom was there and within sight of me. But chatting with my cousin, the conversation came to pipes and cigars and he asked us if we wanted to try his Swisher Sweet. We both accepted and started passing the cigar between the three of us. He then told us that we could have it since he had already smoked quite a bit that night. So, my boyfriend and I continued to share it. Still not sure if my mom saw us, but my guess would be yes although she only commented on my boyfriend smoking. Regardless, I think I would be okay with her finding out I smoke every so often. She seems to be okay with pipe smoking for some reason.

On the way home from his honeymoon, my cousin and his wife stopped for a visit and my boyfriend introduced him to pipe smoking. He liked it, but thinks that he will stick to cigars for now. We got to talking, and he remarked that he thinks that smoking will make a come back with our generation. He has noticed that almost everyone he knows smokes something. I tend to think that more people smoke than is reported by census because occasional smokers tend to not think of themselves as “smokers”. He might just be optimistic, as have whole groups of friends that don’t touch tobacco. Having both smoked some of the MJ in our “youth” we both agreed that we like tobacco more. Both of us like that we are still able to think straight after a cigar or a pipe. I tend to think that smoking prohibition will only get worse before it gets better. I also think that as long as tobacco is legal people will continue to smoke no matter how restricted that smoking becomes by the law. I also doubt that new laws will or campaigns will reduce smoking to a lower level than we see today. Why? Because everyone who smokes nowadays knows it is bad for them and yet does so anyways. So why would campaigns doing more of the same work?

Maybe my cousin is right. Maybe our generation will bring smoking back into fashion. Well… I can always hope.

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