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April 2010

New Love and Other Woes

It has been awhile since I have posted anything and that is because work and life have been keeping me super busy. That said, I would like to share my new love with you. It is a pipe (although I’m not sure how much I will be smoking it for the time being for reasons I will explain later). This pipe was handmade by Erik Nording and actually hand selected by the owner of the tobacconist I go to from Erik Nording’s house in Denmark. It is beautiful and has smoked beautifully since day one. Sadly, I have only smoked it three times since I got it (April 13).

I am going to be holding off on the smoking for the time being, until I get my possible compressed ulnar nerve looked at. You have probably heard of carpal tunnel which is the compression of the median nerve due to overuse. This is similar, only involving a different nerve. You can damage this nerve quite easily by hitting your funny bone a few too many time as it is an exposed nerve. What does this feel like? Well, I have pretty much constant tingling in my pinky and ring fingers and sometimes my whole arm, but mostly just the elbow will be really sore and achy. My job, with its super repetitive upper body work, aggravates it further. It first noticed it at the end of August when I was using my arms a lot for moving. I smoked one cigarette and the symptoms increased and I thought nothing of it. I actually thought it was because the cigarette was stale. During the next few months, I hardly did any upper body work so symptoms disappeared for a bit. Then I started spending long days looking for jobs on the internet and the symptoms started to return in the form of my whole arm being sore. I sought out massage therapy, which does help. Work seems to be aggravating it further. Sadly, smoking my pipe seems to make the symptoms worse as well.

I first I thought I was crazy that the tingling and discomfort would increase post smoking my pipe, but there it was.  While I somewhat take pleasure in pain, this is not the kind I like or find enjoyable. So now I have to find a family doctor since I don’t have one and get them to look at it. In the interest of experiencing less discomfort I will be putting a hold on the pipe smoking for the moment. This makes me sad, but I have to figure out what is wrong before I continue.  I had a job interview today that went well, so hopefully I will only be doing my repetitive motion job for a few more months. If I can never pipe smoke again, my boyfriend is pleased because he says he’ll have a new pipe. To this, I glared at him and pouted. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

My New Love

A Short Note

I just wanted to post a short note saying that I will be updating this blog this Friday. I would do so tonight, but alas I have no time again. But I have stories to tell so a post about my pipe smoking adventures (as boring as they may be) is due. I have acquired a new pipe for my birthday which I absolutely adore. It was love at first smoke! More on that new pipe and my experiences with it later. Until then, happy smoking!

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