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March 2010

Bit quiet around here… apologies

Being employed leaves me a lot less time to sit and write my blog. Generally, I used to write during the days and spend the evenings with my boyfriend. Now, I work during the day and still spend my evenings with my boyfriend. I think I’ll try and make a point of updating on Fridays as I have them off work and a bit more time to myself to be writing. No promises though. Another thing is, I haven’t had much to write about recently. Still smoking the pipe occasionally, anywhere from once a week to less than that. I have no desire to smoke much more than that. Last weekend, I had my first blend that I didn’t really enjoy. I didn’t even finish the bowl. My buddy liked it though, so it was probably just a personal preference thing. I can’t even tell you what I didn’t like about it, I just didn’t like it.

I didn’t get my job with the city working with the kiddies. It was one of those interviews that you know you tanked while you are sitting in the interview. To be fair, I think that a small part of me didn’t want the job, which is never good going into the interview. It was working mostly with pre-school aged kids and I’m more of a fan of older kids and teens. I have steady work, good paying work to carry me through to September and hopefully I’ll pick up a teaching job between now and then. I’m also going to see if I can pick up some work in the evenings tutoring.

Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been more interested in reading on the junk-science behind the anti-smoking movement. I believe the counterpoint between the messages sent by anti-smoking propaganda and the glamorization of smoking in various media contributed to my fetish. There is an attraction for me to the danger. I guess that is why I don’t think that the current modes of preventing people from taking up smoking work all that well. This blog post: The problem with harm reduction messages at Smokles sums things up quite nicely.

That’s all for today. Hopefully my blogging muse and fiction muse will come back soon. 🙂


I’m alive, I’m working…

This is a short update because even since I started working I pretty much have no time or energy to update this. 😦 This makes me sad, but also happy because it means that I have money to live. I still smoking the pipe about once a week with really little desire to so more often. It really is possible to use tobacco occasionally and not be addicted. I don’t even get the “nicotine hangovers” I was getting at the beginning which is nice. I don’t even get a buzz anymore, which is also nice in a way. Not getting a buzz means I don’t crave the buzz.

I smoked my last bowl out of my pretty girly briar pipe and I took the metal stinger thing out. It is supposed to fix air flow problems or control air flow, but I found I was getting a lot of condensation and it was smoking really hot. Like burn my tongue hot. My girly pipe, well, it has a bit of a personality. To put it another way- it is a little bitch to break in. This past smoke was better than then the one before though and I think I will continue to see improvement as I break it in. Taking the stinger out made it smoke less hot, because I found that because I had less resistance when I drew through the pipe, the bowl heated up less.I just have to be more careful when I am smoking it as it is really easy to draw to hard with less resistance. I’m officially all out of one my tobaccos- the East India Co which is what I am using to break in the pipe.

In other news, I have an interview for another job. One that actually has to do with my degree. Unlike the one that I am doing right now… although depending on what degree, I guess my current job is related to my first degree. I’m also going to see one of my favorite musicians, Hawksley Workman, on Sunday. Things are looking up! Except for the fact that I lose an hour sleep this weekend and have to work on Sunday. Sigh. Hope all is well with everyone else! Happy Smoking 🙂

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