February 26, 2010 (Morning)

I has almost been a week since my last pipe. That statement makes this diary entry feel a bit like confessional. To be honest, I didn’t have any inclination to smoke during the week. As my boyfriend remarked the other night, the honeymoon phase with the pipes is over. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Our pipe smoking buddy is sick this week too and since he seems to get sick a lot he has decided to only smoke once a month. My boyfriend had said that we wouldn’t smoke if we didn’t smoke with him, but I think he is wanting to smoke a bowl tonight. I asked him about this and it looks like he is going to amend his rule so we can smoke tonight. I think my boyfriend has almost taken to pipe smoking more than I have. Not to say I’m not looking forward to tonight, but I almost think he is looking forward to it more.

February 26, 2010 (Evening)

Another successful pipe smoke was had tonight, although I didn’t quite finish my bowl. I tried something a bit different than my usual. It was a tobacco called “Red Ranger”. Still a mix from the tobacconist, but quite good. Not quite as sweet as some of the blends I had been smoking, but nice and mellow and flavorful. I don’t think that it would be classified as an aromatic, but hell, I have no idea. I’m still really new to this. I think I’ll ask the next time we pick some up since I’m sure we will buy some again. That will probably take us awhile at the once a week rate, but hey I never got into pipe smoking to smoke all my tobacco at once. I noticed that the tobacco tastes much different when I smoke it myself. I tend to smoke slow and cool, compared to my boyfriend who liked big clouds of smoke and thus tends to smoke fast and hot. We told him he is going to have to work on that, because doing that he is more likely to burn through one of his pipes. The difference in taste was huge. I guess I was getting so much tongue bite just from one puff on his pipe of the same blend I smoked tonight and it was burning so hot it changed the flavour. Needless to say, I don’t like to share with him anymore, since it generally leads to me having a sore tongue. I paired the pipe tonight with some Lady Grey tea. They went together perfectly. Lady Grey is my go-to tea. I drink it every morning when I am working and I thought it might taste really nice with some tobacco and it does. As the night went on, I realized just how much I had enjoyed the new tobacco. I still couldn’t get over the difference in taste. While I am still working at breaking in my briar pipe, I have a feeling it might come to be more ornamental as it smokes really hot, I think I’ll try again next time with the same tobacco I smoked today as it seemed to burn pretty cool. Probably because it didn’t have as many flavored tobaccos in it. It has a little metal thing in it called a stinger that I might take out. It is supposed to help with condensation, but I think it is just resulting in a build-up of moisture in the bottom of my pipe. I’ll just have to watch how hard I draw, but I tend to draw pretty light to begin with. I also think that I am for sure going to get a meerschaum pipe for my next pipe.

I was feeling in the mood to write tonight, even though I said I would last week, I never did. I’ve never read “pipe erotica” so this is my take on what it might be like. It is totally different from anything I have ever written, although it does stay pretty PG, since I have trouble bringing myself (at this point) to write about naughtier acts. So I would think of it more as “foreplay” erotica. When I reread the story, I realized how old fashioned the gender roles are, but I don’t really see it as a bad thing. They are only “old fashion” as far as her cooking and cleaning for him… as part of her mode of seduction. The premise is a married couple that hasn’t been intimate for awhile because the husband is stressed from work. So I quite nervously present to you: Slow Seduction. Enjoy!