February 11, 2010

On my way to smoking everyday, if I keep this up. So had the best friend over for dinner and after he got out his pipe, which he keeps at our place. My boyfriend asks, “Do you want to have a pipe?” and naturally none of us have any self-control and say yes. I think that the amount we are smoking now could have something to do with newness of it all. We only smoked half a bowl and we are getting better (slower) because our half bowls lasted about 40 minutes. I actually like the amount of a half-bowl because I get way too much of a nicotine buzz off of a whole one. Buzz can be nice, but it isn’t necessarily what I am going for. I also like it when I can still walk and don’t feel like puking. I guess one thing I wasn’t expecting was to be able to get a buzz from not inhaling. Apparently, it is harder to absorb nicotine in cigarette smoke through the mouth but quite easy to do so with cigars and pipe smoke. I smoked the corn cob and a different blend. It was called Nirvana and it is a Burley-Cavendish mixture that is “Smooth and sweet . Soft smoking with a hint of spice.” There was definitely a bit of sweetness and spiciness in this one. It was good, but I still like the East India Co. I smoked the past two times better. We are all getting better at the whole process, although I still have to re-light a fair bit. This time it was only twice though. Who knows, maybe we will smoke again tomorrow. Apparently once a week has gone right out the window. We are seeing the best friend again tomorrow to watch “The Return of the King” and pipe smoke? Perhaps. Only time will tell. I know that we have already planned to on Saturday.

February 14, 2010

Didn’t pipe smoke on Saturday as planned, but after spending the day moving I didn’t really feel like it anyways. Also, I realized on Friday that I had burnt my tongue pretty bad on either Wednesday or Thursday (or maybe a combo of both) and wanted to let my tongue heal some more. Pipe smoking is not nearly as enjoyable when you can’t taste the smoke. Now while most girls in a committed relationship love Valentine’s Day, I think I spent too many years single to ever really enjoy it. Plus, it is really just a corporate holiday now. Needless to say- despite the fact that my boyfriend bought me my pipe for Valentine’s Day, we really don’t celebrate it. So we finished cleaning up the apartment from moving me in enough to have people over and had two of his guy friend’s over. We told his one friend we would be smoking our pipes (which he found funny) so he brought his Cohiba cigarillos. These cigarillos bore no resemblance to the Primetimes. They were actually more like a mini cigar. I tried a bit, but after smoking my sweet blend of pipe tobacco the smoke was really harsh and hot. I assume that with a larger cigar the smoke would cool a bit as it goes through the cigar. I smoked Nirvana again and this is how I know I probably burned my tongue. I actually tasted flavours that I had not last time. The smoke was still sweet, but now I could taste peach (and people could smell peaches) and the spicy flavour remained. I also managed to not kill my tongue. Our cigarillo smoking friend was surprised at how long one bowl of tobacco lasts. He ended up smoking two in the time that we smoked one bowl and he was still waiting for us. We all smoked whole bowls and that took us about an hour. I’m also getting better a being able to tell when it is time to stop smoking the pipe. You start to get a bit of an ashy taste that is unpleasant and that is a good indication that there is not much unsmoked tobacco left in your bowl.

What was even more interesting, was his friend was under the impression that it was my boyfriend wanted to take up pipe smoking and I was the cool girlfriend that let him. Actually we both thought that was funny. Although it probably did seem that way because I really suck at lighting the pipe. I guess I’m just not good with matches. My boyfriend actually had to light mine for me last night and low and behold it stayed lit for a lot longer than when I do it myself. I’m considering getting some sort of pipe lighter, a low heat one so I don’t scorch my pipe.

All and all, it has been a good first week of pipe smoking although I will be cutting back in the coming weeks I think. Four times in one week was too much as it ceases to be a special thing for me then. I did notice that my tolerance to nicotine is already up too as I smoked a whole bowl with no ill effects. At most I will be smoking twice a week, once with the corncob and a quarter to half bowl once a week in my new pipe to break it in. I think the reason why we smoked so much this week is the excitement around doing any new thing. Until next time, happy smoking!