I think I will just jump right in with Wednesday’s events since not  much went on between yesterday and Sunday.  Wednesday started out as a pretty shitty day. I am trying to arrange moving out of my sketchy apartment and the elevator for the new place I am moving into isn’t available on the weekend I was planning on moving, so change of plans, I’m moving this Saturday. It’s a long weekend here and I was planning on visiting family this weekend, but I guess that will have to wait. The boyfriend is pretty sad too, since he had been looking forward to getting away for awhile. I promise him that I will drive him down the following weekend. I go start packing as well as pick up some groceries for supper and general things to keep my mind off the fact that I still haven’t heard back from the job people. I bake a cheesecake and put some jerk chicken into the slow-cooker.

News of my job comes back around 2 pm. Alas, I am still unemployed. I’m sad, but life goes on. It’s my first e-mail job rejection, and I think I like it better than rejection by phone, which can be really awkward or rejection by regular mail which takes a lot longer. It is also better than the “let’s just not phone those that didn’t make the cut because we are cowards”.

I’m bummed, but I try not to be a downer after all we are taking a trip to the local tobacconist today. I go down to the best friend’s apartment and we drive to pick my boyfriend up. Best friend needs a pipe and we were going to be just looking. “Just looking” lasted about 5 minutes, when my boyfriend impulsively decides to buy us both pipes that we had been eyeing the last time we were in there. He says that he was probably going to get me mine anyways for Valentine’s Day (which we normally don’t really celebrate) and he says why wait until Monday. My new briar pipe is completely virgin, which means I’m going to have to take some time to break it in. Both my boyfriend’s and his friend’s new pipes are pre-carbonized which makes the process a little easier. We also pick up three new tobaccos and I think it might take us awhile to get through it all. I decide to stick with the tobacco I smoked last time, to see what the difference between smoking it in an virgin, non-caked pipe is like. The result- even only filling the pipe half-way I still have trouble smoking it down to an ash. The bottom of my bowl was almost wet, which is not good. The smoke was okay… not unpleasant, but certainly not the smooth, cool, sweet smoke of Sunday. I now see why briar pipes need a break-in period. I did some reading and found a good article on breaking in pipes. The bottom of the bowl is apparently the hardest place to form a cake as many pipe smokers don’t smoke their pipes all the way down to the bottom. So I found one method of breaking in that seems logical (unlike many of the methods). This method involves filling the bowl only a quarter of the way and smoking it to ash. Repeat 10-12 times until the bottom has a nice cake and then gradually add more and more tobacco until you reach a full bowl. Needless to say, this is going to take me awhile but I am going to be patient since part of pipe smoking is taking things slower. I think I will alternate between the corncob and my sexy new pipe so that I can keep this activity enjoyable. I actually like the challenge of break-in, but sometimes you just want to smoke a pipe.

What I did successfully do is not inhale! Yay! My boyfriend laughs at me and my “accidental inhaling”. Occasionally, what I do find with pipe smoking is that you will inhale some of the smoke you are blowing out just through normal action of breathing. But I didn’t inhale at all yesterday which was great. It also meant that I felt a heck of a lot better which is great.

After trying both a briar and corncob, I see why corncob pipes are recommended for beginners. They are very forgiving and smoke very well without any break in time. Plus, if user error causes you to trash your pipe, you didn’t spend very much on it. I think we all agreed on that fact despite all enjoying the “nicer look” of our new pipes. It’s interesting how each of us picked a pipe that really suited our personalities.

I also decided that pipes are definitely the “geeky” choice as far as ways to smoke tobacco. It isn’t so much that pipes are geeky but that it is the smoke of choice of many “geeky” types. This occurred to me as I watched some of YouTuber AmaneMisaMisa666 videos and checked out her deviant art gallery. I think I posted on her awhile back in Areas to Explore. What struck me as I browsed through her art is that we have very similar taste in books. Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time Series as well as Twilight (my guilty pleasure) just to name a few. The common theme, ignoring Twilight of course, is that they are fantasy style books. What do people smoke in fantasy worlds? Why pipes of course. So I think the pipe has this sort of appeal to me as well. I noticed even on the YouTube biographies of many of the male pipe smoker’s videos I was watching there was this common theme.

In other news, I threw out all three packs of cigarettes I had been hanging onto for no apparent reason yesterday. I took one out of each pack, smelled them and held them in my hand one last time before giving them the toss. I doubt I will ever touch a cigarette again as I don’t foresee myself ever really wanting to anymore. My love affair with cigarettes is over. It made me sad back in September when I could tell that my relationship with cigarettes was coming to an end and I mourned a bit, but I think it is for the best. We really just weren’t right for each other. Sometimes fetish fantasy competes with reality. To become a full-fledged cigarette smoker like I wanted to in fantasy, would be to deny a large part of who I am, because even at the start of this blog I never did want to be a full-time every day smoker. I still don’t. But cigarettes demanded an everyday commitment from me, something I couldn’t give them. Pipe smoking still requires a lot commitment, but not all concentrated in the smoking department. Much of it is in the care of your pipes, cleaning them to ensure they don’t go rancid. I like this sort of fiddling. I think I will end this here. Until my next pipe smoking adventure, happy smoking!