As I was reading about some interesting blogs responding to the antismoking movement, I came up with an idea that I could do a post every week commenting on “smoking in the news” or something like that. In the poll, I think I called this a weekly commentary on news and research in tobacco regulation. Then I started thinking, maybe no one would be interested in reading about that once a week. There are a few other things I’ve considered doing as weekly posts.

Are regular features something that would interest you readers? I write the blog mainly for myself, but I wouldn’t mind some feedback as far as what you like to read about or not. Do you like the randomness of my blog or would you like more predictable features? I created a poll to help me answer this question. That way those of you who prefer not to comment can still give some feedback. I am also allowing “other” answers where you can make suggestions. Or if you are feeling longer winded, you can comment in the regular place.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! On Thursday, I should have another post up documenting my second pipe smoking experience as that should occur on Wednesday. Happy smoking!