February 6, 2010

Discovered the local tobacco shop and felt a little like I was stepping back in time. There was a distinct aroma graced the room, one that is rarely detected indoors anymore thanks to the smoking bans. It was clear that they did allow sampling here. I figure if we had our pipes on us, they might have given us a short lesson right then and there. Staff was very helpful in assisting my boyfriend and I pick out a couple of tobaccos, a czech pipe tool, some pipe cleaners and some matches. The tobacco smelled delicious, although I am aware that the flavour will be diffferent smoked.Not unlike tea which often tastes quite different from how it smells.  Both tobaccos were store blends. One was a burley based tobacco called “Tolkien” and the other was a Cavendish called “East India Company”. They are both light aromatics from what I can tell.

Butz-Choquin Ladies Churchwarden Green

I also found what I am pretty sure will be my next pipe, provided I stick with this hobby. It is a Butz-Choquin Ladies Churchwarden with a green bowl and a black stem. Very chic, and very feminine which is what I am looking for, although I doubt many will see me smoke said pipe.  I also read up on the company and they are known to make quality pipes, which is good too. The bowl is smaller, which I am not sure is good or bad yet.

My boyfriend is showing much interest as well. He almost walked out of the pipe shop with a White Wizard Lord of The Rings replica white ash wood pipe. He wanted to smoke our pipes right away today, but we decided we would wait like good friends for his best friend to join us since he is just as excited as we are. What is interesting is that both my boyfriend’s friend and my boyfriend have told me it is hot that I am going to smoke a pipe. I doubt either of them have a smoking fetish per se, at least I know my boyfriend does not. My boyfriend explained his reasoning as it is something that you don’t often see women do and that it takes so much time and effort to both smoke pipes, but also learn how to do makes it more attractive to him than cigarette smoking or cigar smoking. Apparently wanting to take up pipe smoking makes me, “the coolest girlfriend ever.” I’ll try not to let that go to my head.

February 7, 2010

D-day or as I will call this day: the day of gluttony. I normally eat pretty healthy so my body is really going to hate me after today. I started the day with three cookies for breakfast and didn’t eat better for the rest of the day. I have ended it with a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.  The boyfriend’s best friend was coming over at 6:30 for supper and our first foray into pipe smoking. After tonight, I know that the best friend knows about my fetish because he drops some hints. But surprisingly, I’m actually okay with the fact that he knows. We eat dinner and quickly get down to the business of packing the pipe. Three novices having read and watched some YouTube videos pack two pipes. We did a decent job since the one my boyfriend packed managed to stay lit the whole time. I think mine was packed a bit too tight or I didn’t get a great light off the start.

Its winter here which means it is a tad cold and windy. We actually head into the heated storage room to get the pipes lit as we can’t even keep a match lit on the balcony. This was the start of 45 minutes of pure pleasure. Cigarette smoking was only okay compared to the pipe. Seriously. With the cigarette, the experience is over in about 5-10 minutes, which is I guess why you want to do it again so soon after finishing. I found when I smoked cigarettes, I would want puff more on the cigarette but couldn’t due to my low tolerance. So then my FSC cigarette would go out and I’d have to light it again. With the pipe, even smoking slow enough to not get tongue bite I always felt occupied. The craziest thing was something really unexpected that both myself and my boyfriend’s best friend discovered by accident. Pipe smoke is ridiculously easy to inhale. I wasn’t trying to inhale, honest. It just happened. I think it was because the particular blend I was smoking was light, cool and quite delicious tasting. I wouldn’t call it sweet, but you could definitely taste the Cavendish tobacco in it and it had sweet notes to it. Certainly not sickly sweet like the Peach Primetimes, which in retrospect are crap compared to what I smoked tonight.  Here is the advice I would give to anyone: if you don’t like the taste of tobacco, just because pipe smoke smells more delicious doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still taste like tobacco. But for me- the difference between pipe tobacco and smoking a cigarette or machine rolled cigar is that the body of flavours was much more complex.  The blend my boyfriend was smoking was less sweet and his best friend said it tasted more like what a hand-rolled cigar tastes like. Still good, but I liked the one I was smoking better.

Was I turned on by smoking the pipe? Yes, in a way. It is hard to explain. I guess this really shows how powerful my fetish for smoke really is. My sex drive fluctuates with my hormones and it happens to be pretty low or almost non-existant at the moment. Smoking a pipe still made me extremely wet, despite feeling almost no sexual desire tonight.  So  am a freak… but I’m okay with that. My boyfriend smiled and said “That’s convenient.” I asked him if he thought I looked sexy smoking a pipe and he said yes, which made me happy. I’m not sure why I am so concerned about how I looked to him, but alas I was. At one point while he was smoking his pipe the way he was letting the smoke drift out of his mouth was really sexy. His best friend said I looked like I would have jumped him right then and there.

All three of us were pretty buzzed after a bowl, even though that is totally not what I was looking for in this experience. It actually surprised me how buzzed, I really wasn’t expecting it. At first my boyfriend didn’t know if he was because he had never felt a nicotine buzz before. But he was like, “I feel kind of jittery and really alert”  and his friend and I are like, “Yep, buzzed.” I’m really going to try not to accidently inhale next time because I felt a twinge nauseous after. Afterward, my boyfriend said to me, “Yeah, we probably shouldn’t do that everyday… maybe once or twice a week.” He loved it and so did I. He already wants me to pick up a couple more tobaccos which I thought was cute. I will probably go with his best friend on Wednesday to look at pipes, get a couple of new tobaccos since half ounces are not too expensive.

It is looking like it is probably something I will stick with since I really enjoy it. I think pipe smoking is one of those highly underrated activities. What I loved most about it was the action of doing it. I just loved taking little sips of smoke from my pipe and letting the smoke roll around in my mouth before I would lazily let it drift out. I’ve never been a fan of watching people do tricks like smoke rings, but pipe smoking makes me want to try to learn because I had a lot of fun just playing with the smoke. My pipe smoking adventure is likely to continue on Wednesday. Until then, happy smoking everyone.