I have finally updated this story, although I foresee that future updates might take me awhile as my muse for this story has left. I think it is partially due to my shift away from cigarettes as a focus in my real life. I suspect it might take me a bit to wrap the story up, although I think it could be done within about 7 parts, maybe even less. Mel still needs to confront her family which should happen pretty soon as well as her non-university friends. And I have to wrap Lindsay’s story up too, although I do know how that ends. I was just looking right now as to what classifies as a short story and I have definitely gone past that. This is almost a novella, and I know it will never reach the length of a novel. It is safe to say I have never written a story this long before.

Anyhow, for those of you reading this, enjoy. Here is the link: Strange and Beautiful- Chapter Thirteen