I am officially a bad influence. Last night, I became slightly inebriated with my boyfriend and his best friend. We had been talking about pipe smoking earlier in the night and the boyfriend friend mentioned that he kind of missed his old job where they used to smoke tipped cigars, cigarillos, and sometimes more élite varieties of cigars on night shift to pass the time. He called the cigarillos “girly” but said that despite that he really enjoyed them.

As the night wore on, we were itching to walk somewhere or do something. Where to? “The convenience store?” someone suggested. “What will we get there?’ Evil genius me perks up… “We should get some of those girly cigarillos that you miss so much,” I say to the friend. His eyes light up and we are off to the store to pick some up. That easy… and without my suggestion it would have never happened.My boyfriend said, “I may be drunk enough to go along with this crazy idea.”

He decides he want a whole pack of Peach Primetimes . He asks me if I still have my lighter I was playing with earlier and I do. We make our way back to the apartment and the friend and I pretty much go straight outside to sample the wares. What I noticed is these “cigars” look like the lovechild between a cigarette and a cigar. They actually have a filter on them which was a pretty gold colour. We do not waster any time lighting up. The first thing I noticed is the strong peach smell and the sweetness on my lips when I place the filter in my mouth. The filters are apparently flavoured too. No wonder they tried to ban these. First- they come in singles making it easy for new smokers to obtain. Second, they taste light candy, until you light them up, but I happen to like the taste of burning tobacco so it was like candied burning tobacco.  My boyfriend stalled for a bit heating up his burger, but then joins the two of us smokers out on the balcony.

I’m about halfway through mine, smoking it more like a cigar (not inhaling) although I think even doing that I sort of inhaled a little bit. And then maybe on purpose a couple of times. But even before that, I’m sensitive enough to nicotine that I felt the pleasant relaxing effect of the nicotine without inhaling or maybe that was all in my drunken mind. Regardless, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, smoking in front of my friend and boyfriend. No sneeking around. This is when my boyfriend takes the pack and gets one out and asks, “How do I light this thing?” At this point, I was unsure whether he was going to go through with it, but apparently silent peer pressure still works at the age of 27. His friend explains to him how to light it and suddenly I see something that I never thought I would see. My boyfriend is smoking. This is probably the closest I’ll ever see to him smoking anything like a cigarette. He holds it “wrong” to begin with, and his friend commented on that. “Even your girlfriend knows how to hold it properly.” To which I reply, “Well I have smoked cigarettes before, this isn’t that different. Although I am having trouble forcing myself to not inhale.”

The details of the conversation are fuzzy at that point. We talked about inhaling and smoking in general. Towards the end, my boyfriend playfully blows smoke into my face.  I thought it was cute, because I sensed he was starting to have fun with it. I returned the smoke… I couldn’t let him get away with that. As I took my last drag, and crushed the filter out in the dead plant we have yet to dispose of, he does the same with his almost finished one. At this point, I am a little turned on, but this is counter balanced by the alcohol which has made it so that nothing will happen.

This quote from Macbeth sums the alcohols effect up quite well:

Porter:Drink, sir, is a great provoker of three things.
Macduff: What three things does drink especially provoke?
Porter: Marry, sir, nose-painting, sleep, and urine. Lechery, sir, it provokes, and unprovokes; it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.

The friend remarks as we come in, that we have corrupted my boyfriend, but that soon it will be him that is beckoning to us to have us come smoke bowls in our pipes with him. We shall see about that. That smoky adventure should tide me over until the pipes come in.