If the post brings me my pipes by next week, I should be smoking them by the weekend. The plan is to head down to the tobacco shop with my boyfriend and his friend, who has also apparently wanted to get into pipe smoking for a long time and was a little surprised by my apparent sudden interest. My response: to my boyfriend- I told him that he shouldn’t be surprised, and to the friend well, I’ll keep him guessing where my “sudden” interest came from.  It’s nice to have a crew of friends to do this with, since I know that was something I really lacked with my closet smoking.  I know the majority of my friends wouldn’t really understand, but I don’t care at this point.

But what I wanted to talk about for this post is the “Smoking Hot Cigar Chick“. She is a chick with an interest in cigars. And I might of thought she was hot until I heard her voice… which irritates me. You guys are probably thinking, “Oh she is just jealous.” Maybe, but her voice is still irritating. Voice aside, I actually really enjoy her videos which are mostly reviews about cigars. So if you are into cigar smoking and girls check her out. If you want to watch a girl smoke a cigar, maybe go elsewhere because she does more talking than she does smoking. What I do like about her is that she clearly loves cigars.

That’s all I have for tonight… I’ve got a buzz from the rather large beer I just drank. It was 500 ml of a beer called Ephemere- Apple and it was quite delicious. I also had the rest of the mead that we opened at New Year’s and have been nursing ever since. It aged in the fridge surprisingly well. I don’t normally drink this much… so I’m quite buzzed, maybe even drunk. Hope everyone else is having a great saturday night!