My day at my casual job was in a word: busy. My body aches because the work I am doing is quite physical. I’ve gained weight in muscle. So you might be asking: 1) Why are things looking up? or 2) When is she going to get to talking about smoking.

Things are looking up for a few reasons.  Firstly,  I have tomorrow off from the shitty casual job.  Secondly, I got word that my pipes have shipped from Aristocob. This means I might be able to try smoking one in about 6-10 buisness days. Thirdly, I got an interview for the job I desperately want. That is probably the best and most exciting news. Lastly, I’m sitting here sipping a tasty mead not really caring about much of the worries from paragraph one.  Too bad I don’t have the pipe yet, as tonight would be the perfect time for a celebratory pipe smoke. So readers, have a celebratory smoke for me.

I was also pleasantly surprised that my boyfriend has been doing his own research into pipe smoking. He has more interest in trying the English style tobaccos vs. the aromatics.  So contrary to what most people start with, I think that is where we will start. I don’t think it is too bold a move, since I already like the taste of tobacco. We already have plans to visit the tobacco shop together. Which is good, because I am a little chicken-shit when it comes to these sorts of things. I’m glad I’ll have someone holding my hand through this and accompanying me on this journey.

I have to say, I think that the story I will have will be rather entertaining. Two begininer pipe smokers light up. My boyfriend’s never smoked anything so I really hope he likes it. I’m pretty sure I will like it, since I haven’t really found much that I don’t like smoking. So stay tuned, and until then, happy smoking (if you got ’em).