Pipe smoking certainly isn’t a cheap hobby. Which means that as excited as I am about getting into it, I will have to wait until I am gainfully employed. I am fine with this as my motivation is different this time. It is actually quite nice to have to have the boyfriend involved, rather than someone that I was keeping my smoking from. He is quite supportive, although I’m not sure why he is so surprised that I am super excited. I know I mentioned in one of my comments that I would let him lead the way, but I decided that I would probably have to lead this endeavour or I might never get my chance. Plus, he seems happy to let me do the research and such.

Missouri Meerschaum Gentleman Corn Cob Pipe

From my research, corn cob pipes are the best for beginers because they require no break-in period and impart a sweet taste to the smoke. I have picked out the corn cob pipe I will order as soon as I have a job. It is a Missouri Meershaum Gentleman Corn Cob pipe. Not the most visually appealling, but I figured it would be choice because I can buy two with filters for about $25 including shipping. Two because then my boyfriend can try too. And if he doesn’t like it, well it is apparently a good idea to rotate through the pipes you smoke.

I’m not sure what kind of tobacco I will buy, or even if I will attempt to buy it online or actually go into a shop to buy it. I’ve heard aromatic is good for first time pipe smokers, so I was thinking of choosing one of those, but I have no idea what. There is an area where I need to do more research. I was thinking at looking at some reviews. I have no idea what I am going to like, so it is going to be an adventure.

Halfling Pipe

Once I have the basics down and decide whether or not I want to continue or not, I found a few more pipes that I found to be a little more aesthetically pleasing and appealed to my geeky fantasy side. They happen to be Lord of the Rings replica pipes that are fully-smokable. I’m wary that they might not actually be “good smokes” but if I like pipe smoking, I probably will buy one as a collectors piece and if it happen to smoke well, than all the better. My favorites are probably a tie between the White Wizard Pipe and the halfling pipe.

White Wizard Pipe

So now I have to work even harder at getting a job so that I may start this wonderful hobby. I suspect about a $50 start-up cost, which isn’t too bad. More expensive that smoking cigarettes, or at least more expensive than how I smoke cigarettes, but half that cost is on reusable pipes, the other half of the cost on tobacco, although I suspect that I can buy tobacco cheaper if only because I think the tobacco shops will sell smaller amounts. Anyhow… I doubt I will post much more about pipes until I actually go out and buy the tools and start smoking.