I’ve been working really hard lately at getting a job but while not doing that, I have been researching smoking alternatives. It is amazing the difference at the amount of information available for pipe, cigar and even hookah smoking. When you look for similar information on cigarette smoking you are bombarded with articles trying to convince to you to change your mind. Never start. You will get addicted and you will DIE! And if you tell people you are trying it out, they tell you stop before you get addicted and eventually DIE of some smoking related disease. Any maybe they are right… maybe if I had never ever touched tobacco I would have never known its allure and I wouldn’t be talking about my plans to try to find a way to keep it in my life. Maybe… but maybe not. With a fixation like mine, I think it was only a matter of time before I tried it.

I realized that I never actually explained why I abandoned smoking cigarettes, since they are still my fetish object of choice. I still occasionally get a horny craving for one, but they pass much quicker now. I realized that I don’t get near enough pleasure from them to make them worth the risk, at least not when I am only smoking them occasionally. And when I smoke regularly (one a day on consecutive days) I find I crave smoking more (of course!) and that I feel like shit when I don’t yield to this desire to smoke more (withdrawal much?). Plus, to make $12 a pack worthwhile you actually have to smoke more than occasionally or they eventually go to waste.

Cigars, pipes and hookah are all things that many people enjoy on a more occasional basis. So I’ve been doing my research, exactly as I did before I started smoking cigarettes. I can’t help myself, the scientist in me requires me to gather as much information as possible. I found some decent resources but so far, if you are looking for an in depth read on pipe smoking The Weber’s Guide to Pipe Smoking would be your guide. What I found interesting is reading about the origins of tobacco use (outlined mostly in Chapter 2 of the guide). The long history of tobacco leads me to believe that it might be around longer than anti-smoking enthusiast would like. Sure they might be winning the war on public smoking, maybe even the war on cigarettes. But I’m not sure they will ever fully win the war on tobacco. I mean, technically pot is illegal, but how many people indulge in that? They could make tobacco illegal, but people would still find ways to smoke or use it.

From my research, what I am liking best about pipe smoking/ cigar smoking, is the endless varieties that are available. Something for every mood. It seems more like smoking that one could enjoy like they do a beer or wine. I like that you could even make your own blends of tobacco.

I looked into the risks of pipe and cigar smoking, and generally they are similar to cigarette smoking. Increased risk of mouth and throat cancer… and lung cancer risk increases, especially if you inhale. My plan was to smoke both the pipe and cigar the way they were intended to be smoked: without inhaling, although I am sure I will be tempted. And while there is a risk… it is a risk I am willing to take. I know far too much about cancer and how it occurs through my studies. Almost anything can increase your risk of cancer. Eating charred steak actually increases your risk of stomach cancer. The deep-frying process used to make French Fries actually allows the flesh of the potato to partially turn into acrylamide, a potent neurotoxin. But even knowing this, have I stopped eating steak or french fries? No… If I stopped doing stuff just because they caused cancer, well, lets just say I would have to stop going outside, start growing my own pesticide free food and possibly go on one of those crazy meat-free raw diets. I’m not sure how I would grow the food without going outside… you get the point.

Now that I have my rant about the risks we take in life done… I’m going to get back to my research. If anyone has any good websites or such on pipe smoking, feel free to comment. I already got plenty of good info on cigar smoking from the kind folk at SFK. I think I’ll post another one of my favorite smoking erotica stories tomorrow.