This is probably was one of my favourite stories featuring the supernatural for a long time. This story involves alternate universe that can conveniently be accessed through an invisible platform in the main character’s bathroom. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always fantasized as a kid about having a special hideout. I used to go into my closet (which was not a walk-in) and just sit there and day-dream.

When I started dabbling with smoking in the figurative closet, after reading this story, I always daydreamed about such an alternate universe. Especially because this alternate universe is the exact opposite of our own world. What does this mean? Smoking is good for you in this universe. Yes, actually good for you. I always wondered whether that would actually take the appeal away. I mean dark chocolate isn’t any less tasty knowing that chock full of antioxidants that are actually good for you. Yes, too much chocolate is not good for you, but it isn’t any less decadent now that I know there is some nutritional value. But would I still have a fetish for smoking in a world where it was fully accepted, not taboo… I’m thinking probably not. My fetish has a lot to do with the badness of smoking.

What is hot about this story is the badness of what some of the characters do. This is another SSTORYMAN piece and it is called Back and Forth. Here is an excerpt from part 1.

Kylee retreated to her room. God, she hated fighting with her parents about smoking! Truth was, she _did_ smoke. She’d been smoking for months. Her best friend Karyn got her started and, despite her mom’s unhappiness, she had to admit she really liked it. She averaged over half a pack a day, smoking both before and after school with her friends every day, supplemented by her new routine of also smoking in her secret hiding place at home. Having a place in the house where she could smoke made it even easier to step up her growing habit. Her little sister Allyson, at fourteen, also recently began to smoke. She shamelessly introduced Allyson to the habit. She
didn’t give a shit if it made her mom mad or if it jeopardized her political
aspirations. She and Allyson shared almost everything; now that included cigarettes! Allyson was only fourteen but Kylee loved having her little sister as a smoking buddy.

She sighed and went into her bathroom. She felt a desperate need to
retreat into her hidden “secret place” to have a cigarette or two in peace. She lifted her foot up and stepped onto what appeared to be nothing but air. But her foot found a resting place. She lifted herself up onto an invisible platform and disappeared from sight!

When she first stumbled across this bizarre place a couple months back it spooked her. But though surrealistic it proved to be real, and a place where no one could see inside. It was like something straight out of some cheesy science fiction film. But it was true. After her inadvertent discovery the invisible hiding place proved to be astonishingly genuine and very helpful to feed her growing smoking habit. She originally found it when she accidentally felt her hand bump up against something invisible in her bathroom. She couldn’t see a thing. Nonetheless her hand touched something. Feeling her way around it, she soon determined it was a sort of invisible platform. More amazing, when she stepped onto it, she found she could disappear from sight and enter a peculiar nether world. She could see
out, but no one else could see in. It was the kind of secret hiding place every child dreamed about, especially one who wanted to do something she wasn’t supposed to, like smoke.

Was it an exotic entranceway into another world or some such shit? Kylee didn’t know and frankly didn’t care. When she did step into it, though, she entered a completely different place where no one could see her. Once she tried to show it to Allyson. But when her sister was with her, it disappeared. Neither of them could feel it. Allyson thought Kylee was messing with her and attributed it to a bizarre joke. It turned out that only when Kylee was all alone could she feel it or step inside it.

Soon she began using it as a place to smoke. Happily, the odor of her cigarettes always stayed completely inside the invisible envelope. It was great to have a place to safely smoke at a moment’s notice with no fear of discovery by her mom or dad. And so smoke Kylee did. Each time she stepped back into her bathroom from the surreal bubble that seemed to be in another world the only smell that traveled back with her was what stuck to her clothes and hair. And that was manageable because she always blamed that smell on her friends smoking.

Inside, Kylee could see the bathroom. But it was like looking out through a cloudy crystal. She soon realized its usefulness and stopped worrying about what it was. She simply took advantage of it, using the escape to feed her growing nicotine addiction whenever she felt stressed. So now, sitting cross-legged on the invisible surface of her bubble, which seemed to float several feet off the bathroom floor, she took a gold pack of Benson & Hedges 100s from her jeans and greedily lit up. There was no problem bringing things in and out of her supernatural sanctuary. So she left an ashtray in her invisible hiding place for convenience.

Completely hidden from anyone passing through her bathroom, Kylee hit hard on her one hundred millimeter cigarette. Thick, rich smoke from the B&H felt damn good inside her lungs. She pumped a second time hungrily retaining it inside. God, she loved having smoke in there! She wished her stupid mother understood how great smoking was! Maybe it was bad for her; she didn’t fuckin’ care. Nothing else was like nicotine and the thick, rich smoke that delivered it into her body; nothing in the world! She released a reluctant exhale through her nostrils and let a satisfied smile spread across her pretty face.

Then she heard it. It was a noise. It wasn’t from the bathroom. No sound passed in or out of her invisible supernatural hiding place. She
turned and looked but saw nothing. Then she heard it again. It sounded almost like feet ascending a stairs.

“Damn it! Someone’s smoking,” a voice sounded. Kylee blinked and
looked. Still she saw nothing. And then she came into view.

It was a woman, or girl, or something. Shrouded in the milky cloud
constituting the invisible bubble Kylee couldn’t make out who, or what, it exactly was. “Shit, I hate that awful smell,” the voice went on.

Fear gripped Kylee. She always felt some trepidation about the supernatural nature of her hideaway that she didn’t fully understand. It was a latent fear that always lurked right below the surface. Now it emerged full force. “Who are you?” Kylee mumbled breathlessly. “What do you want?”

“I want to know why you’re smoking in here, asshole,” the voice
answered. And then a face came into view.

Kylee gasped. The voice came from a girl, one who looked to be about her same height and weight. The girl had short golden blond hair like hers. She gasped again. The girl looked just like her!

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