I’ve actually been meaning to do this for awhile, and I actually thought I had until I did a quick search just now and it came up empty. As I discussing in my Beginnings post, smoking erotica played a big hand in uncovering my fetish. Without it, well, I probably would have eventually discovered it through YouTube. Or something.

I think this will be a few part series, mainly looking at the smoking erotica that I have enjoyed in the past. I’d like to start at the beginning- with the first story that I ever found. I remember how I found it now too. Or sort of… my searches at the time all had to do with “how to start smoking”. Naturally, this information was actually really hard to come by. Most people aren’t seeking to learn how to start smoking on the internet. Even with my search being about how to start, I often got quitting resources. I’m actually not sure if I found Dr. Humo’s World of Smoking Glamour first or the following story.

I remember having very muddled emotions during this time. It was probably the first time I sort of felt my whole built up wall of feigned anti-smoking come crashing down. I felt very turned on, which in turn confused me and I think I felt more than a little guilty. I couldn’t stop reading the stories though. I read one after another after another… feeling both very turned on and dirty at the same time. But no matter how many times I tried to tell myself it was wrong, I kept coming back for more. I had the website address (different than the current one) memorized and was always careful to clear the cache and web history from the computer I shared with my mom.

The first story. It is kind of interesting that this would be my first story. The story is called Revenge and it is by SSTORYMAN. This story follows Larilyn- an anti-smoking advocate on the Lung Association’s Board and her decent into nicotine addiction when her estranged daughter, Susan, blackmails her into smoking a carton of cigarettes before she will let Larilyn see her granddaughter. Not only that, but she has to be able to pass as being a convincing smoker or the deal is off.

After rereading it, I understand why I thought it was pro-smoking propaganda at the time. The story goes out of its way to oppose pretty much anything that has been ever been used to stop people from smoking. It also talks a lot about how awesome smoking is and how good it feels. And when I say a lot, I mean I don’t think you can read more than a couple of paragraphs without finding out how awesome smoking is. Anyhow- I still think this is a pretty decent piece of smoking fetish fiction because it is pretty well balanced having a good story line with a bit of sex. I would say along with being one of the more prolific smoking fetish authors, SSTORYMAN is one of the better authors out there.

Here is an excerpt from part 2:

They returned from the store that Tuesday night with a carton of Marlboro Menthol Lights 100’s for Larilyn, a carton of Salem Lights 100’s for Andrea, several disposable lighters, and four large ashtrays. Larilyn agreed to buy a carton for Andrea as payment for her help. They also needed ashtrays. She didn’t have a one at home. They put one in the family room, one in the office by the computer, one in Andrea’s room (at her request), and the last one in the kitchen.

Andrea chose Salem Lights 100’s because Susan always said a woman should never smoke anything shorter than a one hundred millimeter cigarette. One of her girlfriends at school smoked Salem Lights. Andrea suggested they both buy boxes rather than soft packs. That way they were less likely to get crushed in a purse. The thought of carrying a pack of cigarettes in her purse seemed incredibly depressing to Larilyn.

Arriving home, she was upset. Her tension increased as they sat down in the family room. Andrea opened both cartons, giving her mom a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights 100’s and taking a pack of Salem Lights 100’s for herself. With a newly-purchased glass ashtray on the table by a bevy of disposable lights, she smiled warmly at her mother.

“Here we go,” she eagerly exclaimed, tearing open her box of Salems.Open yours, and let’s begin your great experiment.”

“Don’t call it an experiment. It’s more like a death sentence. That’s
how I feel.”
“Lighten up, Mom,” Andrea kidded. She then laughed at her own joke. “It’s not so bad. Look at it this way. It expands your horizons.” She took a long, white Salem from her pack. She felt nervous doing it in front of her mom, but maintained a casual attitude. “Let’s light up. You’ve got many cigarettes to smoke in the next nineteen days.”

Larilyn cringed being reminded of the short time till Ashley’s party. But she tore the cellophane from her box of Marlboro Menthol Lights 100’s and opened it, pulling off the silver paper. Twenty white round cylinders arrayed in three rows greeted her. With long fingertips she anxiously pulled one out. She looked at Andrea who already had hers in her mouth.

“C’mon, Mom,” she said with a sly smile. “Let’s go.” With that, the youngster clicked her Bic and lit up.

It was gut-wrenching for Larilyn to see her daughter’s cheeks hollow while dragging on a cigarette. She always hoped Andrea wouldn’t follow in Susan’s footsteps. But there she was, pulling smoke into her youthful lungs. Even more depressing was the realization that she must join her. As Andrea released a cloud of smoke into the air, Larilyn shook her head and put the
Marlboro Menthol between her lips.

It was Andrea’s turn to watch her mother click the disposable lighter. Larilyn’s movements were neither hesitant nor tentative. She took a moderate-sized puff and breathed in slightly. Andrea watched incredulously as her mom exhaled a thin stream of smoke.

“Damn,” she gasped. “You look like you’ve done this! I thought you never smoked.”

“That was your assumption,” Larilyn countered. “I never said that.” She nervously tapped her cigarette in the ashtray, though there was yet no need to do so.

“You mean you’ve smoked before?”

“Yeah, sure,” Larilyn admitted. “When I was in high school, about your age.”

“Shit. I don’t believe it. Why didn’t you ever tell us that?”

Larilyn shrugged. “I guess it never came up. Like too many kids in the 70’s, I experimented with smoking growing up. I didn’t smoke all the time, but I knew how.”

“I can see that,” Andrea added, impressed. “Tell me about it.”

Larilyn tapped her cigarette in the ashtray again. This time a few ashes fell from the tip. “My best friend Angela started smoking our senior year. She teased me about it, so for awhile I joined her. All year I smoked on social occasions, at parties, that sort of thing. It was no big deal.” She looked woefully embarrassed.

“Wow,” Andrea exclaimed. “I never knew. You look pretty comfortable holding that thing. God, you know how to inhale and everything.”

“Yeah, I do,” Larilyn admitted. “I got pretty good at it, actually. But shortly after Angela and I graduated, I got scared after a particularly wild party. I had seven or eight cigarettes that night. The next morning all I could think about was smoking again. It frightened me. I was afraid I was
getting hooked. I didn’t want that.” She smiled. “I never smoked again.”

“Wow, Mom, that’s weird, thinking about you smoking in high school.” She noticed she hadn’t taken another drag. “Show me again, Mom,” she urged. “Let me see how you did it.”

Self-consciously Larilyn returned the cigarette to her lips. She took a second, moderate-sized drag and again pulled the smoke into her lungs. Tipping her head, she slowly released a plume of exhaled smoke. “Wow,” she gasped. “It really buzzes you, doesn’t it?”

“It sure does,” Andrea excitedly agreed. “So how often did you smoke in those days?”

“Once or twice a week all through my senior year in high school. Sometimes I only had one or two cigarettes. Other times I smoked more; sometimes much more. When everyone around you is smoking, it’s natural to join in. You know?”

“I sure do,” Andrea agreed. “That’s how I tried it.” She took a drag and sucked smoke in. “How many total cigarettes do you think you smoked with your friends in high school?”

A dreamy far away look shone in Larilyn’s eyes. “God, I don’t know. I hardly remember. Maybe a couple hundred. It was over many, many weekends. It must’ve been a lot, though, because that last night when I quit for good I had seven or eight in a single evening.”

Andrea giggled. Larilyn frowned. “What are you laughing about?”

“Nothing,” Andrea chuckled. “It’s just funny thinking about you sneaking around smoking in high school, like Susan did, and like I do now.” She paused for a hit on her Salem. “Is that why you’re scared to smoke again?”

“I never said I was scared,” she replied defensively. “I’m older and wiser now. I’ll be fine.” She tapped more ashes into the ashtray. “Maybe Susan will give up her insane plan to make me smoke each time I visit Ashley. At least, I’m hoping. But I was able to stop when I was eighteen. I’ll have no trouble stopping this time, either. I promise.”

For more of Revenge click here. Hope you enjoy!