Since I finished my practicum, I have no clue what to do with myself. My practicum was insanely busy because that is the type of profession teaching is. You pour your heart and soul into it and you hope to get back what you put in. I hope to find a job soon, but in this economy even the public sector is suffering because of budget cuts.

Boredom often sets me fantasizing about smoking again. But that is as far as I have taken it. Truthfully, smoking will always be better in my fantasy than it is in real life. For every good real life experience, I have a bad. My best recent experience was the the four cigarette streak I had last May. The one that scared me into not smoking again. The wedding was okay- but was more of a thrill to be smoking semi-publicly or at least in front of people I know. I think due to my fetish the experience is almost too built up in my mind.

To fill my time, I’ve been doing some holiday baking. It was supposed to be stuff that I was going to give away, but alas I let it sit out for too long and in my boredom I’ve become the cookie monster. It is really quite horrible.

Another activity I have been undertaking to fill my time is writing my story. Chapter Twelve is now up and awaiting you. And there will end my ramble for the night. Hope everyone had a good one.