This is sort of a mini-review on the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, which happens to be one of my favourite sit-coms. Actually it is the only sit-com I watch. Tonight, they had an entire episode on smoking. It was actually pretty funny. I was a little scared it would end up being a giant PSA on quitting smoking, but it was actually just really funny. Especially the part where Marshall is kicking the shit out of his thirteen year old self for ever trying smoking.

Marshall at thirteen: “This is my first and last cigarette ever.” I think I thought something similar. I wonder if anyone ever means it or merely uses that as their internal excuse to try or do something that involves inhaling delicious toxins into their bodies.

I also really liked the part where Barney talks about how he only smokes for certain occasions. Post-coital, coital and pre-coital etc. Then they ask him why he smoking and he says, “I’m always pre-coital, Ted.”

Sure they did put a lot of negatives and everything was exaggerated, but that was what made it so hilarious. What is especially interesting, is none of the characters quit that episode. But I doubt that we will ever see smoking on the show again. The only time we saw some smoking before, was Colbie Smulders who plays Robyn, enjoying one in the bathtub.

Some of the characters made more convincing smokers than others. The least convincing was Lily, although they did give her this kick-ass man voice.

What does make me sad, is the only way they could have smoking on the show is by framing it as being “The Last Cigarette Ever”.

Here is the trailer:

Also- I have posted chapter 10 and chapter 11 of Strange and Beautiful. I think I will wrap it up soon. Or I’m going to try… I’ve pretty much taken the idea and characters where I wanted to, I just need to tie up some loose ends.