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September 2009

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I have not had much desire to smoke lately, despite having plenty of opportunity. I always thought that as soon as I moved into my new place, it would not be long before I got so bored with living alone that I would be running out to one of the numerous convenience stores that seem to surround my new place.

I find this an interesting development, but probably not entirely surprising. I think part of what really excited me about smoking was the secrecy and hiding it from my roommates. Now that I pretty know I would get away with as much smoking (as least on my balcony) as I would like, it makes it less desirable. I think as much as I “hated” sneaking around, I kind of liked it too.

What is even more interesting, is that lately I have felt more of a desire to branch out into other forms of tobacco consumption. I found this You Tuber that posts videos of her smoking her pipe.
This one is one of my favourites:

I guess what I attracts me to the pipe has nothing to do with sex. I don’t really have a fetish for pipes, but I am curious about them because of how good they smell. Cigarette smoke is sometimes offensive. Pipe smoke always smells really inviting. I also like the idea that you cannot be in a hurry to enjoy a pipe. It seems like a hobby (?) that would be almost meditative which I would gather is why many people find it to be so relaxing.

I also have a bit of a desire to try cigar smoking and hookah smoking. I guess anything where I can see smoke coming out of my mouth piques my interest.

Tonight, I finally had a chance to work on the story. The update is here. I actually wrote chapter 9 a few weeks ago and found I moved way too fast. When I re-read it, I realized that I skipped over many crucial moments. I think what I wrote will be able to be adapted for a later chapter. As a warning, in this chapter, I start to get a bit more explicit. That’s all for tonight. Hope you enjoy this installment and until next time…goodbye.


Procrastination, in the form of fiction

I updated Strange and Beautiful again. Chapter eight‘s installment has us learning more about Drew. It is kind of long, but I felt like we needed a little more background on the seemingly confident, suave, James Dean of our story.

As for me… well this is probably the last time I will update for awhile. School is picking up pace pretty quick and I have stories I need to be writing for school amongst other homework. Adios, for now!

Back From Vacation

Been super busy with vacationing, then moving and now unpacking. I decided to procrastinate a little from unpacking and update Strange and Beautiful. Chapter seven is now up and I will probably post something in the next little while before school starts again.

But for now- those of you reading my story, enjoy.

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