I’m currently looking for a new place to live and I have been entertaining the thought of potentially getting an apartment where smoking is permitted. The thing is, they are few and far between. I am looking forward to not having roommates though. Actually the search for an apartment has been interesting. I’ve seen all sorts of things regarding smoking and renting to smokers. Some places are “smoking permitted”. Others are “smoking allowed outside only”. One ad went as far to say no smoking on property or on street outside of property as houses are close together and smoking will bother neighbors. I’m wondering if the landlord has had past problems with smokers or complaints from the neighbors. That seems extremely prejudice, not to mention I’m sure as long as you are more than 5 meters from people’s doorways and not actually on their property they cannot stop you from smoking. My landlord is a doctor and allows smoking “outside only” which is fine I think, seeing as you are renting the place and do not own it. Some ads want non-smokers, although I’m not sure how they ensure that you are not a said smoker. Especially someone like me- who smokes occasionally. I could be the very picture of a non-smoker (at least outwardly in scent) when I go to meet them to see the place. After all, I haven’t smoked in about a month. But who knows about the future?

For me, I honestly do not see a problem with landlords deciding whether or not they want smokers inside their places. To me that is on par with landlords deciding whether they want to rent to people with dogs or cats. But restricting outside smoking? Well, just their attitude would make me avoid renting from them because someone that gets irritated or thinks the neighbors are irritated by a person smoking on the street in front of the house, will probably be the type to complain about how loud your car is or its black exhaust or anything else that they deem to be “irritating”.

Part of me wants to avoid renting a place in which I could smoke should I choose because then I will be more tempted to do it and would probably end up doing it more often. Living in places where smoking is not permitted really keeps me from indulging more frequently because I have to do it outside. I wonder if it is a little bit of self-sabotage (or self-protection?) that I stop myself from renting a place where I could comfortably smoke indoors. Quite honestly, I will probably end up picking a place that is affordable and it will have nothing to do with the “smoking permitted” or “not permitted” status of the building. Just daydreaming a bit about what it might be like to have a smokey place of my own.