I found this picture of Vivian Leigh that I absolutely love. Vivien Leigh was probably one of my first girl crushes back when I first watched her as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. I found the picture on the right first. I think it is the original. It is higher quality, first of all, and Vivian Leigh was known to be a devoted smoker, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone took a picture of her smoking a cigarette in her Scarlett O’Hara Costume. The image on the left looks to be a manipulation of the one on right. It is lower quality and I cannot find a high quality version of it. I guess that is the sign of the times, that people will manipulate a beautiful photo because the person is holding what something dark and dirty like a cigarette. 

As for me, well it kind of makes me want to watch Gone With the Wind again, and fantasize about Vivien Leigh smoking her cigarette between takes, dressed as Scarlett O’Hara.